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The Ontario Line - Neighbourhood Updates - East - Riverside/Leslieville

Leslieville map

The Ontario Line will make it faster and easier for people to visit the vibrant communities of Leslieville, Riverside and Riverdale and will conveniently link to popular streetcar routes.

Located in one of the city’s most distinct spots for one-of-a-kind shopping, an estimated 4,000 people are expected to use the station at Leslieville during the busiest travel hour, with roughly 2,800 transferring to and from the busy TTC streetcars serving the area.

A night out on the Danforth, a soccer game at Exhibition Place or a trip to the Science Centre will be made easy for the 9,500 residents who are expected to live within a 10-minute walk of the new station by 2041. The 1,300 households in the area that don’t currently own a car will especially benefit from the possibilities the Ontario Line will open up.

In addition to connecting people to things to do outside of the community, the station will also make it easier to access important community spaces like McCleary Playground, Bruce Mackey park, and Jimmie Simpson Park and its recreation centre.

McCleary Playground will be approximately 300 square metres bigger because we are able to build retaining walls within Metrolinx land, closer to the tracks than the current fence. Jimmie Simpson Park will also benefit from this same treatment, with approximately 700 square metres of new green space added.

In Bruce Mackey Park, a small sliver of land extending about two metres beyond the rail corridor at the south end of the park is needed for the new station. This will be more than made up for by the release of additional green space in the northern section of the park, resulting in approximately 1,100 square metres of net new green space.

Stats and Facts*:

  • 9,500 people within walking distance to the station
  • 2,800 transfers during the busiest travel hour
  • 4,000 people will use the station during the busiest travel hour (2,500 getting on and 1,500 getting off the Ontario Line)
  • 6,900 jobs in the area

*Forecast for the year 2041

cross-section of joint corridor showing Ontario Line trains and GO trains

Cross section north of Queen Street at the north end of Jimmie Simpson Recreation Centre

Current plans envision maintaining streetcar service in these areas throughout the duration of the project, though there might be times when service is re-routed or reduced to accommodate construction work.

For more detail, visit Metrolinx News.

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