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East Harbour

The Ontario Line - Neighbourhood Updates - East - East Harbour

Map of the East Harbour Station area.

Map showing East Harbour Station location. View a more detailed project footprint in the Environmental Impact Assessment Report here.

Just east of the Don River and north of Lake Shore Boulevard East, a station at East Harbour will be an important transfer point, accommodating GO operations, a planned extension of the Broadview streetcar, and Ontario Line service in a corner of the city that is poised for growth.

The future East Harbour transit hub will be a vital connection for customers transferring between the Ontario Line and GO train services, helping to reduce crowding at Union Station. With a shared concourse providing easy access to all the rail services that will serve East Harbour, more customers will be able to transfer from the GO train to the subway network and travel to more places.

By 2041, more than 5,800 residents will be within a short 10-minute walk of the station at East Harbour.

During the busiest travel hour, we expect 14,900 people will move through the station, with an estimated 8,600 people transferring between the Ontario Line and Lakeshore East and Stouffville GO train services.

The station will also provide easy access to 50,000+ jobs that are expected to be in the area by 2041 (according to the Transit-Oriented Communities proposal).

This important connection between the subway network and GO rail services will also help relieve crowding at Union Station by up to 14 per cent – or 14,000 people - during the busiest travel hour.

There are roughly 1,800 zero-car households in the area today, but with so many travel options on the way and Transit-Oriented Communities development proposed for the area, that number is likely to rise significantly.

Stats and Facts*:

  • 5,800 people within walking distance to the station
  • 8,600 transfers during the busiest travel hour
  • 14,900 people will use the station during the busiest travel hour (7,000 getting on and 7,800 getting off the Ontario Line)
  • 50,000+ jobs in the area**

*Forecast for the year 2041.
**According to Transit-Oriented Communities proposal for East Harbour.

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