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East Segment

The Ontario Line - Neighbourhood Updates - East

The following plans describe the alignment (or route), station locations, and how we are increasing park space in the east segment of the Ontario Line. 

East Harbour to Pape South

In this segment of the Ontario Line, trains will run in the existing GO rail corridor, which Metrolinx already owns.

Building the Ontario Line within Metrolinx property will cut down on construction timelines and impacts to neighbouring properties. Ontario Line work will be streamlined with GO expansion work that was already planned for the corridor, reducing the number of construction zones and related impacts in the surrounding communities.

Once in service, Ontario Line stations in this area will provide excellent connections to other surface transit, including GO train services at East Harbour and TTC streetcar and bus services.

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East - Lakeshore East Joint Corridor

Significant design and engineering work is being done to avoid impacts to bordering properties, such as the Jimmie Simpson Recreation Centre, Bonjour Brioche bakery and café, and Fontbonne Ministries, to name a few.

East – Joint Corridor Design Competition

Metrolinx has launched a design competition to encourage teams to submit innovative urban design and landscape architecture solutions for the Ontario Line infrastructure that will be built around the existing rail corridor extending from Eastern Avenue to Gerrard Street in Toronto.

East – Joint Corridor Design Excellence Working Group

Metrolinx has established a design working group that includes local community members and organizations, elected officials and project team members to discuss the future retaining and noise walls, landscape design, and vegetation plans along the joint rail corridor. Listen to meeting recordings...

East - Lower Don Bridge

To cross the Don River, a new Ontario Line bridge will be added on the north side of the existing rail bridge, with space for tracks going in both directions.

East - East Harbour

The future East Harbour transit hub will be a vital connection for customers transferring between the Ontario Line and GO train services, helping to reduce crowding at Union Station.

East - Riverside/Leslieville

The Ontario Line will make it faster and easier for people to visit the vibrant communities of Leslieville, Riverside and Riverdale and will conveniently link to popular streetcar routes.

East - Gerrard

The future Ontario Line station at Gerrard will provide easy transfers to both streetcar and bus routes just steps from station entrances.

East - Gerrard Tunnel Portal

Launch shafts and a portal will be constructed on the west side of the existing GO tracks for the beginning of the Ontario Line tunnels. From here, the tunnel boring machines will begin to work their way north, toward Pape Station.

East - Pape South

The Ontario Line will be underground once it reaches Pape Avenue Junior Public School, where it will run under a small corner of the yard.

Immersive sound demonstration

Listen to future Ontario Line and GO trains in the Lakeshore East rail corridor or Ontario Line trains running along the elevated guideway in the North segment.