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The Ontario Line - Neighbourhood Updates - Downtown - Corktown

Two-dimensional map of the future station entrance building at Corktown station and the surrounding area. The station serving Corktown will be located to the east side of Berkeley Street at King Street East. The map depicts a rough outline of the projected station buildings’ footprints, anticipated station entrance points, permanent property requirements, and streetcar routes and stops.
Three-dimensional map of permanent property impacts at Corktown station. A burnt-orange colour denotes properties that will be permanently impacted by Ontario Line construction, including the following: 25 Berkeley Street, 250 Front Street East, 265 Front Street East, 271 Front Street East, 44 Parliament Street, 68 Parliament Street, and70 Parliament Street.

Permanent property impacts

Three-dimensional map of future Ontario Line Corktown station at surface level. A purple colour denotes the locations of the station and its entrance

Future state concept

The Ontario Line station serving Corktown will make it easier for people to visit this new and growing neighborhood and the nearby Distillery District.

A new Ontario Line connection here will connect to popular surface routes such as the 504 King Streetcar, 65 Parliament bus and 172 Cherry Street bus.

The station will be within a short 10-minute walk for more than 26,400 residents, in an area of the city where 3,300 households don’t currently own a car. An estimated 4,100 people are expected to use Corktown station during the busiest travel hour.

The site south of Front Street which includes the First Parliament site is required to support construction in order to minimize impacts to the street.

Metrolinx recognizes the extensive work the City and its partners have done to create a vision for the First Parliament site. Metrolinx will be working closely with Indigenous communities, the Ontario Heritage Trust, the City of Toronto and the public to advance those plans as part of a Heritage Interpretation and Commemoration Plan.

The important history of the land goes back much further than the first parliament buildings and Metrolinx is committed to working with Indigenous communities to better understand the important histories and rights of the peoples that have and continue to live in this area.

Early works and environmental due diligence activities such as archaeological assessments will begin on these sites as early as September 2021.

Final designs for these sites will be determined through the Transit-Oriented Communities Program.

Stats and Facts*

  • 26,400 people within walking distance to station
  • 4,100 customers will use the station during the busiest travel hour (2,800 getting on and 1,300 getting off the Ontario Line)
  • 1,900 surface transfers during the busiest travel hour
  • 15,700 jobs in the area

*Forecast for the year 2041

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