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New Mobility


We have to anticipate the impact of new technologies and other innovations, and leverage the massive amounts of transportation data that’s available to us in order to drive innovation.

Car and ride sharing businesses are already blurring the lines between private and public transportation — Uber accounts for an estimated 60,000 rides per day just in Toronto alone. Could a ride-sharing service be a potential partner in the GTHA in areas where transit options are minimal? Self-driving autonomous vehicles are also on the near horizon, which means there could be the potential for automated shuttles or other innovative transit solutions. It’s hard to underestimate the impact of technology on public transportation.


Innovative thinking is at the core of the Draft Plan. By anticipating new trends and having the flexibility to incorporate them, the Draft Plan puts the future of transportation in good hands. Big data — large data sets that inform transportation research and analysis — can offer insight on how to better serve travellers. Possible partnerships with new mobility systems (i.e. car-sharing, ride-sharing) can complement existing services to create more connected communities. Improvements in technology and service go hand-in-hand.

…Private sector firms are increasingly providing innovative services that can complement or enhance existing services provided by the public sector.


It’s important to anticipate change; adapting is the key to longevity, after all. Transportation agencies around the world are finding that fresh approaches to partnerships with third parties and/or procuring their services is a must. That’s why it’s necessary to develop new ways to work with companies and individuals who offer innovative products and services that can benefit travellers or improve operations.

Piloting and testing new ideas, products and approaches is the new norm. Start-ups and small firms are experts in this area, which is why it’s important to take full advantage of all the expertise that’s flourishing in the region. There are brilliant minds and innovative companies here. We need to learn from each other if we’re going to create a truly innovative transportation system.

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Page 27:
Disruptive business models are challenging the transportation status quo

Page 95:
Use big data to optimize infrastructure and improve services

How do you foresee emerging technologies changing the way you travel in the future?