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Liberty Village


Many considerations factor into the assessment of new sites including:

Connectivity and Ridership Drivers

  • How many trips will start and end at this station?
  • Does the station connect to other transit lines and have the potential to improve service?
  • Does the station connect to key destinations?

Travel Time Savings

  • What are the time savings associated with the new station?

Market Potential

  • How well situated is the station in relationship to future market demand?

Development Potential

  • Can the station support future development and intensification?

Policy Alignment

  • Does the Station Area conform to Regional land use policy?

Construction Affordability

  • What is the cost to construct the station?

Ease of Construction

  • Can the required facilities be constructed in this location?

Liberty Village

This station has been evaluated as follows:

  • High: Market potential, development potential, policy alignment.
  • Medium: Connectivity and ridership, travel time savings, ease of construction.
  • Low: Construction affordability. 

What are your thoughts on this analysis? Have we missed anything?


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GMej's avatar
Mar 3, 2016 - 12:41

As GO moves to more of a 7 day a week bi-directional model and less of a 5 day uni-directional "commuter" model, stations like this are essential for the system.

The three key benefits to this station (IMO) are:

1. commuter link for residents of Liberty Village/King West to the core of the city M-F
2. a station for 3 separate lines (Barrie, KW, Milton) to the very popular LV/Exhibition area. I would, actually, call this station Liberty Village-Exhibition North...and promote it as the way to the Ex, Ricoh,BMO Field, Direct Energy Centre, Ampitheatre, etc. Driving off peak traffic onto these 3 lines....no point building out the system if it does not go to and stop in places people want to be.
3. By providing a stop in this area, that off peak traffic does not have to transfer at Union to double back on LSW to get to the EX. This will make GO a more viable option for that event traffic and ease congestion at the EX prior to and after events at the venues listed.

This station just makes too much sense to not be included.

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Parkdale Phil's avatar
Mar 3, 2016 - 23:43

Despite the short distance between them, this stop and the potential Queen West/Dufferin stop should BOTH be built, in my opinion. Both provide transfer to and from busy streetcar routes, both are destination for employment, culture and entertainment, and they serve very separate residential areas. Queen would draw people from parts of Parkdale and Little Portugal for whom a Liberty Village is too far away, and vice versa. There are no TTC routes that connect the two locations (though I suppose the Dufferin bus could be re-routed to end at a Liberty Village station)

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Franky's avatar
Mar 4, 2016 - 12:15

This station is required to relieve the King streetcar. It is one of the most needed stations in the list.

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Will's avatar
Mar 4, 2016 - 15:07

Gmej pretty much covered everything I was thinking. This stop is one of the most important on the system... Parkdale Phil also hit the nail on the head with a request for all3 stops: Queen W, Liberty and Spadina... these 3 will alleviate stress on Union station and help solidify th network downtown, which is one of the areas that needs it most. As a non downtown resident, i feel this will help and connect everyone in the city and region.

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A Q's avatar
Mar 17, 2016 - 16:21

If as the map indicates its going to be built north of King St instead of closer to Strachan then they should merge this with the proposed Queen-Dufferin stop. That way people can access it from Queen-Dufferin to the north or King St from the south serving both dense neighbourhoods with one long platform in the middle.
It can serve the 3 GO lines + Smartrack + UP express + proposed DRL from city hall and become a west end transit hub.

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flyinggoats's avatar
Mar 18, 2016 - 14:05

Aren't the tracks in a trench closer to Strachan?

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downtown_ray's avatar
Mar 18, 2016 - 23:30

I doubt this would be viable as the tracks make a curve between King and Queen, which supposedly makes station construction quite difficult.

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flyinggoats's avatar
Mar 18, 2016 - 14:04

Reduce costs by building a smaller station. It will absolutely cost a lot of money to build a station for long 12-car GO trains. Instead, design an build a station sized for 6 to 8 car DMU/EMU trains. Provide capacity on the line by running the trains twice as frequently.

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flyinggoats's avatar
Mar 18, 2016 - 14:52

Is Metrolinx thinking about re-routing the Milton line? Would that be a tunneled RER?

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downtown_ray's avatar

Mar 18, 2016 - 23:29

This is a good example of how plans between different agencies require coordination. Lately the TTC is talking about making parts of central King a pedestrian/transit mall and also introducing a new service from Dufferin loop to Cherry St. to improve downtown service on the King streetcar - how would this affect potential ridership at this station ? If stations were built at Queen and King, would they not cannibalize ridership from one another? It looks like they would be barely 500m apart on the map, which is much too close for the optimal GO train stop spacing described in the other materials. Leaving this station at King seems like a better option than Queen to me because the West Toronto railpath will eventually provide a pedestrian connection between King and Queen to allow people to access a King St. Station, and it will also provide a reasonable connection to Liberty Village. There are obvious sources of demand at both King and Queen W along the corridor so either option would be better than the status quo.

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robmausser's avatar
Mar 28, 2016 - 16:39

I cant think of a more deserving place on the entire GO network for a stop.

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