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Guelph Wellington

Kitchener Corridor - Guelph Wellington

Every year 5 million trips are taken on the Kitchener Rail Corridor line, with 85 rush hour trips, plus another 65 midday trips per week. Residents in the City of Guelph and Wellington County have more options with the first midday and late night trips introduced last year. This included one late night trip with service ending in Guelph. We continue to plan for more and better service as the region gets moving again.

Electrification is just one of the next steps needed, as we bring better service to your region. The new infrastructure proposed for the Guelph Wellington area includes:

  • Hydro One Tap
  • One Traction Power Facility
    • Traction Power Substation
  • Overhead Contact System
  • Bridge modifications required to accommodate new infrastructure

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