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Kitchener Corridor

Electrification Infrastructure


  • Approximately 8 km of electrified corridor
  • The portion of the Kitchener/UP Express route from UP Express Union Station to Terminal 1 at Pearson International Airport was previously assessed under the Metrolinx UP Express Electrification Transit Project Assessment Process which was completed in June 2014
  • One Paralleling Station
    • Bramalea PS
  • Based on initial bridge inventory work:
    • Total of 14 overhead bridges
    • 3 bridges with vertical clearance constraints
    • All overhead bridges will require bridge barriers for safety

Recommended Traction Power Facilities

Map of recommended traction power facilities

Bramalea PS


  • Accommodates approximate facility dimension requirements; satisfies site configuration requirement
  • Minimal vegetation present on site; there is low potential for Species at Risk species to be present within the site
  • The site is not within the vicinity of residential areas or sensitive social features. This site is designated as Industrial, and is currently open space
  • No known/active development applications on the site


  • No existing road access, therefore new access road required via a new easement to the site
  • This site has been identified as a Conditional Heritage Property. If required, mitigation measures will be developed as part of the impact assessment phase to address any adverse heritage effects
  • Site is not owned by Metrolinx
Submissions are closed.