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The Hurontario Light Rail Transit Project

The Hurontario LRT - In the Community

As work to build the Hurontario Light Rail Transit project continues, hearing what residents and business owners have to say about the project is important. Recently, Metrolinx began canvassing neighbourhoods and businesses along Hurontario Street, between the Brampton Gateway Terminal and Port Credit GO in Mississauga, gathering data and key insights to get a clear understanding of the communities impacted by the project. 

With major construction starting later this year, the team of 12 canvassers took a one-on-one approach to gather feedback. Keeping health and safety top of mind, they maintained physical distance wore masks and used hand sanitizer liberally.

Consisting of a diverse group of individuals, fluent in 13 languages, the canvassers collected information from residents and businesses, addressing their questions and concerns related to the project. It is very important to regularly communicate with communities who will benefit the most from this project, in order to build transit responsibly. 

For more information on the Community Canvass program, please read the blog by clicking on the link here.

Hurontario LRT Community Canvassers were fluent in 13 different languages

A Shop Local survey was conducted between September 9 - 23, 2020, to connect with the vital businesses along the corridor. The survey was sent to 2,116 businesses and garnered responses from 57 of them.   

Respondents represented professional services (37.9%) followed by retail (19%), other (12.1%) and restaurants (10.3%).

  • 39.7% indicated that their business was strongly affected by the pandemic. 31% were moderately affected. 24.1% were slightly affected. Only 5.2% were not affected.  
  • 85% said their customers drive to their business while 10% take transit.  
  • 17.2% said their customers live close to the corridor.  
  • 39.7% said their customers live within Mississauga and Brampton

This information will inform us of the type of support businesses require during construction of the HuLRT.

Hghlights our shop local survey results

How do you become a member of the team constructing the Hurontario LRT? 

Visit mobilinx.ca regularly and apply online to the current openings. Learn more by clicking on the link here

Resumes are retained on file for one year if a similar role is posted later. Individuals with the appropriate skills, experience and education will be contacted to discuss the next steps of the process. 

How do you become a vendor for the project?

All qualified vendors are entitled to receive equal opportunities for procurement for the Hurontario LRT project. Send an email to [email protected] and let us know about your company and your interests in the project. Visit mobilinx.ca to learn more or click on the link here.


Find employment and procurement opportunities at Mobilinx.ca/opportunities