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The Hurontario Light Rail Transit Project

The Hurontario Light Rail Transit Project - Operations Maintenance Storage Facility

A look at where we are now and where we are going!

The Operations Maintenance Storage Facility (OMSF) is located in Brampton South, just south of Highway 407. The OMSF is where Light Rail Vehicles will be stored when they’re not getting people down Hurontario Street and where they’ll be inspected, cleaned, and maintained so that they’re ready to take riders to their destinations


  • 10,634 m² building
  • Located in Brampton on 84,386 m² of land for future expansion options
  • Interior space for 42 light rail vehicles
  • Repair Shop
  • Material storage
  • Cleaning facility

Progress in Brampton South

site during the spring
site during the summer
site during the fall

Upcoming in 2022

Operations Maintenance and Storage Facility

The Operations, Maintenance and Storage Facility (OMSF) is an important piece of infrastructure for the Hurontario LRT, this location is where the light rail vehicles will be maintained, cleaned, and stored. Vehicles will travel along Topflight Drive and over the Etobicoke Creek to reach the OMSF.

Crews have begun work on the Etobicoke Creek Structure, an open-bottom bridge built with side walls and a flat top over an Etobicoke Creek tributary that will allow the light rail vehicles to enter the OMSF yard, while providing a channel underneath for the creek to flow.

We can expect to see utility relocations finishing up early next year, with Guideway System Construction, including track foundations, and overhead catenary with cables to power the Light Rail Vehicles (LRV) are now underway on site, this will be followed by trackwork, including ballast (rocks that form the track bed) as well as tracks directly fixed to the concrete foundation.

Site Restoration works, including new entrance asphalt, curbs and concrete sidewalk early next year, with completion for the site anticipated in spring and commissioning set for late next year.