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Go Forward


The Big Move set in motion an unprecedented expansion of rapid transit infrastructure across the GTHA, with major projects already completed and 16 more fully-funded and underway.

A key part is the transformation of the GO Rail network with the Regional Express Rail (RER) program. GO trains have always been commuter-focused, built to move people from suburbs to downtown Toronto in the morning and bring them home again at night. There’s a lot of untapped potential there. The Draft Plan will make better use of the GO rail network, transforming it into the backbone of the new, fully-integrated and much-expanded transportation system that our region needs and deserves to keep its quality of life and compete globally.


By 2025, the 10-year $16 billion GO RER program will double GO train service at peak periods and will quadruple off-peak service. Electric trains running every 15 minutes or better in five of seven GO corridors will reduce transit operation costs and environmental impacts.  Additional stations and new line extensions will expand the reach of GO rail services, providing seamless connections to rapid and local transit.

GO Regional Express Rail (GO RER) Program to 2025

The GO RER program can be a catalyst for how people use rapid transit in the region and a strong anchor for the FRTN. It will generate positive benefits over costs, meaning that for every dollar the program costs, it will generate further economic benefits.


It’s hard to underestimate the benefits of such a huge investment in transit infrastructure. By moving away from commuter-based rail service, GO opens up opportunities to live, work and travel anywhere in the region — with reliable, efficient rail connecting to the things that matter to you.

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Check the Draft Plan for more information:

Page 47:
Continue building GO Regional Express Rail to transform transit

Page 53:
Develop a complete Frequent Rapid Transit Network across the GTHA

Page 56:
Add more 15-minute GO RER after 2025

Page 61:
Develop coordinated Regional Express Bus routes

With an expanded schedule and more options, would you use GO service for more than just commuting to work?