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Extraction Shaft and Portal

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  • The extraction shaft is where the boring machines are dismantled and removed from the ground after completing the tunnel.
  • The portal is where the tracks transition from underground to the elevated guideway.
  • The area contains several public and private utilities including water, storm, sanitary, gas, telecommunications, and hydro that will be protected.
  • Work on the extraction shaft is underway.

Map of the Eglinton Crosstown West Extension at Scarlett Road and Eglinton Ave West showing the tunnelled alignment to the west, the portal and extraction shaft, the elevated guideway moving east and the station box north of Eglinton Avenue West and elevated over Scarlett Road.


Watch a video of the Crosstown LRT TBM Removal

Photo showing the Eglinton Crosstown LRT tunnel boring machine extraction near Eglinton Avenue and Yonge Street

Photo showing the extraction shaft of the Eglinton Crosstown LRT at Eglinton and Yonge Street

Realignment of Eglinton Avenue West at Scarlett Road

  • To make room for the extraction shaft and portal, Eglinton will be permanently realigned 10 metres south (33 feet) between Scarlett Rd. and the pedestrian bridge.
  • Construction is underway and is expected to be complete by early 2025.
  • When guideway construction begins in approximately 2025, the secondary access driveway on the north side will close permanently

Rendering of the view of Eglinton Avenue West at Scarlett Road, looking west and showing Eglinton Ave West realigned to the south, the sidewalk realignment, the cycle path realignment and the portal

Rendering of the view of Eglinton Avenue West at Scarlett Road, looking east and showing Eglinton Avenue West realignment, sidewalk realignment, portal, cycle path realignment.

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