> Eglinton Crosstown West Extension LIVE - January 26, 2022 | Metrolinx Engage

Join us LIVE to learn more about next steps for tunnel construction, including road realignment of Eglinton Avenue West in the Scarlett area. 

On Wednesday January 26, we will be hosting a virtual open house from 6:30PM to 7:30PM to talk about this work with our constructors, the West End Connectors.  

We’ll provide a short presentation and then answer your questions. We encourage you to submit questions now. You may also submit questions during the meeting.

If you cannot attend, the video recording will be available on this page after the event.

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Eglinton Crosstown West Extension LIVE - January 26, 2022


6:30PM - 7:00PM: Project Update

7:00PM - 7:30PM: Questions and Answers to Pre-Submitted Questions

7:30PM - 8:00PM: Call-in Questions

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Anonymous's avatar

Every meeting you say this is not our project scope or just ignore my question fully. Can you please go speak to metrolinx your organization and see what is going on with the extension to YYZ. This extension from Kennedy to EG W Extension is pointless if it doesn't go a bit further to the airport. Please bring a detailed answer to the meeting Thank

Anonymous's avatar
Jan 17, 2022 - 16:06

Would it be possible to open at stations at Jane and Scarlett in advance to the other stations on the extension? Those 2 stations require no tunneling/underground station work and should finish before the rest of the project. Opening the stations earlier will allow residents of the surrounding communities to realize benefits faster.

Kevin's avatar
Jan 18, 2022 - 17:39

We hear a lot about the physical infrastructure but what is the service plan for this extension? How many trains per hour? Will they be 2 car trains or 3?

Anonymous's avatar
Jan 20, 2022 - 11:56

most of the discussion does not lead to familiarise oneself with the project
What is above and what is below ground? Why the choices of these decision? How will these decision affect accessibility for seniors and handicapped?

Anonymous's avatar
Jan 14, 2022 - 19:45

Are there plans to open Richview Road at the west end to allow excess to Eglinton Ave WB?

Anonymous's avatar

ground will be. East or west of the pedestrian bridge.

Anonymous's avatar

If not, what walk in and vehicular access is proposed?

Anonymous's avatar

My family had been Kodak employees some since Kodak opened in Toronto. Will there be any type of dedication, acknowledgement, museum room in the Kodak building station at Weston Rd for Kodak ? Thank you.

W. K. Lis's avatar

Will provision be made for a multi-level Jane/Eglinton intersection with the future Jane LRT? A Chicago "L" intersection with the Jane LRT? A two-level Jane/Eglinton station, with switch ramps between the two lines?

Anonymous's avatar
Jan 14, 2022 - 19:50

What is the timeline for the Notting Hill Condo development, Eglinton Ave road construction and subway development?

Anonymous's avatar

Jan 15, 2022 - 12:46

Please advise what the anticipated height from street level will be of the above ground track / elevated guideway at the area of Scarlett Rd and Eglinton Ave West.