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Early Works

Early works are components of the Ontario Line Project that are anticipated to be ready to proceed before completion of the Environmental Impact Assessment Report, such as station construction, rail corridor expansion, utility relocation or bridge replacement or expansion, as defined in O. Reg. 341/20.

Early Works Reports will provide a description of the early works and alternatives considered, document local environmental conditions, and outline early works-specific environmental impacts, mitigation measures, monitoring activities, potentially required permits and approvals and other components.

Ontario Line early works are being advanced where the Project interfaces with other concurrently planned transit projects (i.e., GO Expansion) and where portions of the alignment run in parallel to the existing Lakeshore East and Lakeshore West GO rail corridors.

Advancing work in these areas provides planning, design and implementation efficiencies for the interfacing projects, and will facilitate timely implementation of the Ontario Line Project.

At this time, the following Ontario Line early works are being planned:

  • Exhibition Station
  • Lower Don Bridges
  • Lakeshore East Joint Corridor

Enabling early works proposed to begin in 2021 include:

  • Exhibition Station – an extension to the existing passenger tunnel; a temporary pedestrian bridge; a new north platform and accompanying shift of the northern two GO tracks; and, utility relocation and protection. Learn more.
  • Lower Don Bridges – two bridges added to either side of the existing rail bridge, with space for tracks going in both directions.
  • Lakeshore East Joint Corridor – rail corridor expansion between Eastern Avenue and Logan Avenue to accommodate four GO rail tracks and two Ontario Line tracks, including: grading; installation or upgrading of vegetated slopes or retaining walls and noise barriers next to the corridor, where appropriate; relocation or protection of utilities; and, construction of new Ontario Line bridges on each side of the existing Queen, Dundas and Logan bridges.
map of Ontario Line early works