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DSBRT - PIC 3 - Noise and Vibration

A background review has been completed. Aerial and street-level photography was examined to determine noise and vibration sensitive receptors.

About 40 potential sensitive receptors have been identified to help understand the ambient noise within the study area.

Next, modelling will be completed to analyze future conditions. Future ‘with BRT’ and ‘without BRT’ scenarios will be modelled, and noise and vibration levels will be determined for each scenario. Based on the impacts, additional mitigation measures may be proposed.


Potential construction impacts include:

  • Noise and vibration from construction activities


To mitigate construction impacts, the following measures are proposed:

  • Use low vibration construction equipment where possible
  • Use construction equipment that is compliant with the Ministry of Environment, Conservation, and Parks’ noise level specifications
  • Implement restrictions on construction hours

Operational impacts and mitigation measures will be presented at Public Information Centre #4.

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