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DSBRT - PIC 3 - Archaeology

Archaeologists completed a Stage 1 Archaeological Assessment to determine archaeological potential within the study area.

Parts of the study area have archaeological potential and will require a Stage 2 assessment prior to disturbance / construction. This excludes areas with slopes in excess of 20 degrees, low and wet conditions, and deep and extensive land disturbance.

Interested Indigenous Communities may be engaged during further assessments. Most of the study area does not retain archaeological potential or has already been assessed by previous studies.


Five cemeteries were identified within the study area. Three require a Cemetery Investigation:

  • Ajax: St. George’s Anglican Church Cemetery
  • Whitby: Mount Lawn Cemetery
  • Oshawa: Union Cemetery

A Stage 3 Cemetery Investigation is required for lands impacted by the project within 10 m of cemetery properties to confirm the presence or absence of unmarked graves. If unexpected archaeological materials are encountered during construction, all work will stop. The site will be protected and assessed by a licensed archaeologist before work can resume.

Previously Registered Archaeological Sites

Three previously registered archaeological sites are located within the study area. None of these sites exhibit cultural heritage value or interest or require further assessment.

Facing west on Ellesmere Road from Markham Road in Scarborough on a rainy day, with a grass strip and small trees separating the roadway from the sidewalk.
Ellesmere Road and Markham Road
This area has no archaeological potential.

A water crossing over a dry creek bed with natural vegetation, facing northwest toward Dundas Street and Garden Street in the Town of Whitby.
Dundas Street near Garden Street
The area beyond the bridge footing and right-of-way requires a Stage 2 Archaeological Assessment.

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