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Documents - Network-Wide Structures Project (Wellington and McNaughton)

Notice: Archived Content

All the information on this website was presented during a previous round of public consultation in February 2020. Round 3 information is now available.

Find the most up-to-date information on the Network-Wide Structures project by visiting the Round 3 site.

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Panels describing OnCorr assessments for Natural Heritage & Species at Risk, Vegetation, Archaeology, Heritage, Air Quality, Noise & Vibration, and Socio-Economic & Land Use.

Open House Information Station: Overview

Open House Information Station: Studies

Panels describing On-Corridor Works including train layovers, grade separations, bridge expansions, and new track & rail switches.

Network-Wide Structures

Scale maps of the GO rail corridors and locations of proposed On-Corridor Works.

Network-Wide Structures Roll Plans

Wellington Street Underpass

McNaughton Road Overpass