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Design and Safety


While our transportation system is one of the safest in the world, even one fatality or serious injury is too many. New initiatives such as tougher drinking and driving laws, lower speed limits and protected bike lanes are continually being introduced, but we’re still not where we want to be.


Because safety is always top of mind, the Draft Plan recommends incorporating Vision Zero, an approach from Sweden that brings together transportation experts, public health, police services, community groups and others in addressing a collective goal of zero fatalities and serious injuries.

Graphic detailing Vision Zero principles

Working together, we can design and build better new infrastructure and retrofit what already exists. We also need to look at safer speeds, safer vehicles and safer practices. Many municipalities have already introduced local Vision Zero plans.

Integrated Design Excellence brings together all elements of the transportation system. Improving the quality of architecture, urban design and landscape architecture in the transportation system of the GTHA can help deliver a higher quality, seamless traveller experience that makes transit the preferred mode.

Transit plays a critical role in allowing people to have affordable access to employment opportunities, health care, education, recreation, shopping and other needs. Universal and barrier-free access is a core component of an integrated regional transportation network that considers conventional and paratransit services. The Draft 2041 RTP emphasizes universal access principles, as well as considerations for the aging population.

Traveller safety and convenience should remain at the centre of all decisions.


Plenty of collaboration is needed in order to accomplish these proposals. Vision Zero, Design Excellence and Universal and barrier-free access will greatly increase service and safety in the GTHA, making the entire system much more attractive and capable of connecting communities together. We shouldn’t aim for anything less — a safe, reliable system that puts your needs first. 

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Focus on the traveller experience

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Priority Actions for Strategy #3, Optimize the Transportation System

How can your journey be made safer?