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Many considerations factor into the assessment of new sites including:

Connectivity and Ridership Drivers

  • How many trips will start and end at this station?
  • Does the station connect to other transit lines and have the potential to improve service?
  • Does the station connect to key destinations?

Travel Time Savings

  • What are the time savings associated with the new station?

Market Potential

  • How well situated is the station in relationship to future market demand?

Development Potential

  • Can the station support future development and intensification?

Policy Alignment

  • Does the Station Area conform to Regional land use policy?

Construction Affordability

  • What is the cost to construct the station?

Ease of Construction

  • Can the required facilities be constructed in this location?


This station has been evaluated as follows:

  • ​Low: Connectivity and ridership, travel time savings, market potential, development potential, policy alignment, construction affordability, ease of construction.                                                                                           

What are your thoughts on this analysis? Have we missed anything?

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Chris S.'s avatar

Connectivity and ridership - I don't see why the connectivity score is low, it is connected to both the Danforth Subway line and the Gerrard st. car. What other stops would be better? Once inside Toronto cars shouldn't be taken into consideration as part of connectivity as most people won't be driving to the stations. The idea is to create walkable areas. I really hope that its not a blanket approach when analyzing these things. Suburbs and the city have very different needs and criteria.

Travel time savings -- There would substantial time savings for people in this area in a commute to Union.

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Kevin's avatar
Mar 3, 2016 - 19:21

More stops are needed, but not so many as to slow the service down substantially. Connecting to a future Yonge-Relief Line as well as to major shopping and the Gerrard Streetcar can all be achieved with a Gerrard/Pape stop.

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Franky's avatar

Mar 10, 2016 - 13:37

I favour the neighbouring Greenwood location over this one (I believe transit ridership is higher there) but with the importance of the Pape station I would then lean to have this one built along with Pape. Both Coxwell and Greenwood are served with transit lines that have high ridership so one of the two should have a station to help build a network within Toronto and assuming Pape is built, I would see this one as being the next logical choice to be built on this line.

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LetsGo75's avatar

Mar 5, 2016 - 17:43

Connections to East York Civic Centre and Toronto East General Hospital

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