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Community Charter Overview

Putting communities at the centre of our work


When Metrolinx is building a new LRT line or constructing a new overpass for a GO Train, or working with other transportation providers on an integrated fare system, we’re working hard to put residents and communities at the very centre of everything Metrolinx does.

With this in mind, Metrolinx is developing a Community Charter to give some meaningful and measureable form to our commitment to communities across the GTHA.

The Metrolinx Community Charter will apply to every area of our operations from planning and construction, to operations and customer service, and everything in between. When completed, the Community Charter will capture and present Metrolinx’s community values.

The Community Charter commits Metrolinx to building the regional transportation system we all want and need but in a way that is respectful of the communities it touches.

When finished, the charter will define Metrolinx’s relationship with residents and communities through a series of promises and service standards.

But for that to happen, we need your help in getting the Charter right. In this initial phase of the engagement, we’re exploring six themes that could underpin the development of a Metrolinx Community Charter. 

In Phase 1, we want to find out how you feel about these themes, which ones are most important to you, and what we might have missed. Then, later in March, for Phase 2 of the engagement we’ll share the draft wording of specific promises based on the themes refined in Phase 1.

Your input in the development of the Community Charter is important and we thank you for your feedback. After responding to the initial questions below you're encouraged to explore the six theme cards and give us your feedback. 

Have your say:

But before looking at the six themes in more detail, we’d like you to consider and answer a few initial questions:

Public Safety
Fiscal Responsibility
Consideration and Respect
Public Input
Actively Informing the Public
Connecting Communities
Submissions are closed.