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Background: Community Benefits

Metrolinx will build an overpass to achieve the Davenport Diamond grade separation. The overpass offers the greatest potential for community benefits and opportunities. Here is a list of what is possible by ‘unlocking’ the land underneath the elevated portion of the GO Barrie rail corridor:

Increases Community Connectivity and the Creation of New Public Spaces

By elevating the rail corridor, the tracks will no longer be a physical and social barrier for the residents of Davenport. The removal of this barrier creates the potential to reconnect streets such as Paton Road and it increases the access to community spaces such as Erwin Krichkhahn Park and Campbell Avenue Park to residents on the east side of the rail line. Possible opportunity to create a north-south connection as well as east-west connections.

Paton Road is reconnected

Paton Road before


Improves the Visual Aesthetics of the Rail Corridor

There is an opportunity to take a sterile, industrial rail corridor and transform it into an engaging, accessible space that is functional, safe and visually appealing. The possibilities for this space will be explored through community consultation.

Campbell Avenue Park with guideway


Reduced Construction Time, Impact and Cost                

  • Potential for increased connectivity and new public spaces                 
  • Construction completion at least 2+ years earlier than the tunnel option which is expected to take 5+ years longer                 
  • Less noise, dust and truck traffic                 
  • Fewer impacts to existing road crossings and less traffic disruption during construction – under option is over a kilometre longer and would close for long periods of time Dupont Street, Davenport Road, and St. Clair Avenue West                 
  • Estimated $500 million in savings over the tunnel option, to be reinvested in other transit initiatives to get even more people moving

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