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Weston's avatar

VIA rail runs 2 trains in each direction from London to Union through Weston. The trains whiz by 4 times each day. VIA patrons travelling to Pearson Airport must go all the way to Union, walk a considerable distance from the VIA exit to UP, pay a full fare from Union to Pearson, and to do this adds an HOUR to their commute to Pearson. Is Metrolinx at war with VIA over the Kitchener service? Is Metrolinx so hard up for cash that they force such patrons to spend the extra $7 to get to Pearson? Does Metrolinx hate VIA patrons? Yes, stopping the train in Weston may require slight adjustments to VIA or GO schedules to accommodate the dwell times, but surely that can be done?

Weston's avatar

Metrolinx has signed an exclusive deal with UBER for local transit at Weston and Bloor Stations. Weston has 4 TTC bus routes with a few metres of the station, yet the ONLY signage in the station is for UBER. There is no signage or information concerning TTC service. Why not?

Weston's avatar

In 2009 Metrolinx promised to have the remaining stations accessible by 2012 or 2013. There are only 5. Kipling, Mimico, Long Branch, Eglinton and Georgetown. Those promises slipped each year by one year, until in 2016 the promise was by 2021. The latest promise, this year, is by 2023, except Mimico which may be later. Metrolinx has spent Billions of Dollars on GO in the 10 years of delayed promises for persons living with Disabilities. But no money could be found to upgrade these stations for such persons? Why not? Why is construction not starting today? It is insulting to such persons to think that Metrolinx cares so little of them.

Weston's avatar

There are currently 0 GO trains running evenings and weekends between Bramalea and Union. Metrolinx spent Billions upgrading infrastructure to permit these trains. Rolling stock on the line is readily available, there is no issue with the freight gauntlet west of there. The only obstacle is the cost of crews. Why spend billions and the fail to deliver the service?

Kevin's avatar
Nov 7, 2018 - 10:05

When will the public find out details about the new GO trains for RER? When will the public see the prototype Electric/Hydrogen locomotives and DMUs? Which lines will they run on?

Weston's avatar

The popularity of UP express has made Weston Station so busy that two large parking lots are full, almost all the spots are reserved, and yet there is no linkage to TTC services. In fact Metrolinx has plastered UBER signs all over the station and no TTC signs are evident. There are 4 bus routes which pass within a few meters of the station. There are two others within a few blocks. The criteria set by Metrolinx for Mobility Hubs are all met by Weston, yet it is not so configured? It is surrounded by 10,000 residents within a 10 minute walk, it is at the intersection (UP and GO) of two higher order transit services, yet Metrolinx has done nothing to declare the station a Mobility hub and work with TTC to intersect more readily. Why?

Weston's avatar

We are still the only country in the world using diesel trains on an airport to downtown line. The minister promised electric trains by 2017. Metrolinx has completed the EA for this to become electric. There is no reason to delay while waiting for the GO electrification, which is years off. Air quality, children's lungs, and greenhouse gas emissions all need a break.

mdrejhon's avatar

Hamilton has reconfirmed LRT in the 2018 municipal election.
As a main election issue, the Hamilton LRT received more votes (2018, Fred) than the Hamilton Red Hill Expressway (2003, Dilanni).
To help the community prepare, is the Hamilton LRT project still on time?

EhfazR's avatar

Hello Metrolinx Team,

I would appreciate it if you can provide any insights or plans you have (if any) for the areas further south of Hamilton like Cayuga/Hagersville/Caledonia which will definitely help people to commute to Toronto downtown. Additionally, please let me know why these regions have been considered yet.


Thomas Pacy's avatar

While CP may have been an unwilling partner in the past there appears to be track capacity during the day and in peak periods to operate contra-flow services. The Milton Line runs through the centre of the massive catchment that is Mississauga yet it appears as though Metrolinx is resigned to not providing anything resembling and acceptable level of service on this line while CP is using it. Yes, Metrolinx has plans, but what is actually being done - is Metrolinx putting pressure on the provincial government to negotiate greater access from CP?

Beteigeuze's avatar
Nov 7, 2018 - 09:01

The bus service Monday to Friday (except holidays) has a departure from Oshawa at 20:23. Then there is a gap till 00:19. This is a gap of almost four hours. An additional service in between would be appreciated. Weekend and holidays are fine, as there is a 19:16 and a 21:16 service and then only a gap of three hours.

Thanks for your consideration

[name redacted], Peterborough

JimmE's avatar
Nov 7, 2018 - 16:20

Guelph needs more connections between Hamilton/Burlington and KW

Canada 1's avatar

No more we are still talking. WE also should have a station on Hamilton mountain..we have in Hamilton has a population of 536,917, and a metropolitan population of 747,545. Ridicious Burlington has three stations and we have one and one that no trains go to...

Dragon Den's Gridlock Fixer / Subway Fixer Lady's avatar
Nov 10, 2018 - 22:25

I operate Canada's ONLY Transit Innovation Firm, despite meetings with Bruce McCuaig, Vincent Maurceri, Doug Ford, Gary Webster, Andy Byford, Chris Upfold, NO ONE person or dept, knows where or how to Integrate Innovation Firms.
EXAMPLE: 7 AM Long Green Train, 7:05 Short Red, 7:10 Short Red, 7:15 Long Green, etc. NOW YOU HAVE A SUBWAY BETWEEN Markham and Kennedy. You see all you require is 5 little short trains (likely battery) with 6th train cycled in as fully charged, with storage in hyrdo field. NOW YOU HAVE SAVED 4 BILLION DOLLARS, and have a total of 10 stops, 3 east/west and 7 north/south All trains act as subways, 5 Minutes 2 - way service, at TTC Subway Fares. Transfer @ Ellesmere if going to the STC. 10 Rapid Transit Stops. Relief for Yonge/Bloor. 4 Billion Savings. My Innovation Design Fee: Just $199,000. Let's Meet Phil & Doug. by Sharon Yetman. Inventor of "Smart Subways". VOTE FOR SAVINGS !

TimR's avatar

Other jurisdictions use a variety of configurations and train types. GO seems to consider a line only workable if a 10-12 car bi-level train is needed. Could we consider smaller 2-5 car one level trains for less traveled routes or off peak routes? (Barrie region, Durham region)? These regions are seeing inequity in service. While some regions are benefitting from increased levels of service others seem to be left behind.

 's avatar

A crossing is especially required to link Sheppards Bush to the old town west of the track. A unofficial crossing used to exist at the end of Cousins Street to Sheppards bush which was much used.

Weston's avatar

Presto single ticket dispensers and Shoppers drug mart will only sell full fare ($3.25) single use tickets. Seniors and Students who currently pay $2.05 will have to pay full fare. It is possible to sell concession tickets at such outlets (other cities do) but Metrolinx has decided to abandon seniors and students who only need to take the TTC on occasion, and cannot afford the $16 minimum to use a presto card. Why?

 's avatar

There is a train track at Major Mackenzie west of Hwy 27. Are there any plans to also use that for another Go line. There are new builds around that area with thousands of commuters like myself who need to travel to the Maple station to catch the Go train to head downtown to work. The commute is very stressful as there is a lot of traffic on the roads coupled with construction with the expansion of Major Mackenzie it can often take me 15-20 minutes just to get out of my neighbourhood. I need to get to the Maple station before 7:00am just to try and get a parking, makes for a difficult start every day. For travel to work downtown there are not many options at this time, help please.

 's avatar

Hamilton has reconfirmed the LRT with their 2018 election which ended up being a de-facto LRT referendum. In fact, Hamilton LRT received more votes (2018, Fred, 54%) than the Hamilton Red Hill Expressway (2003, Dilanni, 51%). To help the community prepare, we want to know which month in 2019 that Hamilton LRT will begin construction?

JimmE's avatar
Nov 7, 2018 - 16:20

Guelph needs more connections between Hamilton/Burlington and KW

ChrisMackie's avatar
Nov 7, 2018 - 17:04

Metrolinx has spent hundreds of millions of dollars constructing multi level parking structures and other parking facilities at GO stations but does not charge for their use. Why should non-drivers subsidize this cost in the fare structure? It is time GO fares were unbundled so that the train fare and parking fee are separated.

larisa63_7761's avatar
Nov 7, 2018 - 17:37

There is a huge development in Caledonia, only Empire will build over 3000 homes , but there is zero any public transportation.

 's avatar

Is there ever going to be service from Toronto to Kitchener so that you can actually go to a concert or a play or other event in the evening and still be able to make it home to Kitchener without having to get a hotel? Most concerts end between 11 and 11:30pm. To connect with the last Route 25 bus to Kitchener (the only bus that stops at Sportsworld) at Square One you must depart Union Station on 21P at 10:50pm on weekdays and 11:20pm on the weekend at the latest. It's virtually impossible to make the 10:50 bus especially considering you still have to make it from the venue to Union Station before that and 11:20pm is a nail biting race too (especially if you're coming from Budweiser Stage and have to make the 11pm train back to Union). Most times I have to leave the concert before the encore to make it and I can't even enjoy the show wondering if it will end in time for me to make it home that night. The best solution would be to have an express bus from Union Station directly to Cambridge, Sportsworld in Kitchener (by request), Downtown Kitchener, and Waterloo that departed around 11:30pm. Greyhound used to have an 11:30pm bus but they have since cut service in the evenings including cutting the Cambridge and Sportsworld stops. So far there hasn't been any service by any provider to fill this gap. Another cause for stress is the fact that you have to tansfer buses at Square One. There is no direct route. So when you're catching the last bus of the night, sometimes the first bus (21P) is late or and you risk missing that connection altogether. Of course for the summer time with concerts at Ontario Place that usually end at 11pm you'd be catching the 11:30pm train so a bus departing Union at 11:30pm would be useless. 11:45pm in that case would be needed. Or maybe buses should depart for Kitchener from Port Credit Station, then the train could be taken from Union there or Exhibition Station without having to loop back to Union. Either way something needs to be done.

E I's avatar
Nov 8, 2018 - 08:08

When would the iPhone Wallet App will include the Presto Card. Implementing a mobile payment without using iPhone or Android pre-loaded cards, will be a big mistake.
Users want to carry LESS cards, and we carry our phones with us all the time . I personally avoid having to keep loyalty cards, and load them all on my iPhone Wallet app. It is very convenient.

E I's avatar
Nov 8, 2018 - 08:11

When will the YorkU Go Train stop be moved to the Highway7 area to serve Concord/Thornhill ? This is a high demand area for transit, and with the Viva Rapid transit almost finished by next year, it is very important to have the connections done NOW!

E I's avatar
Nov 8, 2018 - 08:13

When will the Viva Service be converted to LRT/Streetcar configuration? We are tired of the bus noise, the service is great, but it pollutes our community. We want LRT now.

mcpherson.kim_7764's avatar
Nov 8, 2018 - 10:02

Pickering GO Station has 3 elevators for access to the 3 separate platforms. Some time around the first week in October, a glass panel in the elevator servicing one of the platforms appeared to be broken so that elevator has been out of service since. I sent an email to GO asking when this will be fixed and received an email advising that they are still waiting for the glass to be delivered which can take up to 8 weeks. How is it possible for a piece of glass to take 8 weeks for delivery? This is unsatisfactory as this causes individuals with accessability issues as well as those traveling with luggage/strollers/young children a huge inconvenience. Does Metrolinx not agree that 8 weeks for delivery of glass is unacceptable? Has there been consideration to look for another vendor that can provide parts within a more reasonable timeframe?

kemosite's avatar

Metrolinx conducted a Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area-wide school travel study of 1,000 parents and guardians in fall 2009. The study highlighted that:

- There is room for a shift toward active school travel. Nearly 60 per cent of children being driven live within 2 km of their school.
- Children are capable of walking the distance. Nearly 60 per cent of parents say their child’s school is close enough that they could reasonably walk or bike.
- Many parents are open to change. Over 50 per cent of parents whose child is currently driven see the option of walking/biking to school as convenient and appealing.

Since 2009, what measures has Metrolinx taken to support active and sustainable school travel?

Jdgrizzlies's avatar
Nov 10, 2018 - 12:35

I would like to request that the metrolinx management and the ttc management team look into having a monthly printed ttc Presto Card with the month and year printed on the pass itself that’s visible on the front of the card. Presto card is horrible to use for riders with disabilities, both the metrolinx management and ttc management fail to realize this.

as a person with attention deficit disorder: ie: if a presto device is not working on a bus or street car and the driver says come on pay later. If a Ttc fare inspector is checking for fare payments: I wouldn't know how to argue properly that the presto device has malfunctioned.
-with a monthly printed ttc metropass with the month and year printed on the pass itself that's visible that problem with a faulty reader doesn't exist and you can just show the fare inspector your monthly printed ttc metropass with the month and year printed on the pass itself that’s visible on the front of the pass.
**this is the reason why the ttc needs to ideally keep monthly printed ttc metropasses with the month and year printed on the pass itself that’s visible indefinitely. Put metropass swipers on all the presto gates. The Ttc and presto fail to realize not all riders want a plain styled presto and that there are riders that want a monthly printed pass with the month and year printed on the pass itself that’s visible on the front of the card.
**this is also the reason why presto needs to have a monthly printed ttc presto card with the month and year printed on the pass itself that’s visible on the front of the card that can be bought monthly

Or please request that metrolinx has a monthly printed ttc metropass with the month and year printed on the pass itself that’s visible on the front of the card that riders can buy monthly.

-the 6.00 fee to get a presto card leaves ttc riders short changed two ttc single trips: ie 3 tokens=9.00 so from the 6.00 fee a ttc rider looses two ttc fares. Not all riders are in a
position to loose two ttc single fares. So presto cards are a disadvantage for ttc riders

The ttc and metrolinx has not thought about all riders capabilities with regards to presto.

Please as the metrolinx management please get the ttc management to keep monthly printed ttc metropasses with the month and year printed on the pass itself that’s visible on the font of the card.

Or for the metrolinx management to get the ttc management and presto/metrolinx management team to get presto/metrolinx to guarantee to have two presto cards:
1. a monthly printed ttc presto card with the month and year printed on the pass itself that's visible on the front of the card that riders can buy monthly.

2. A regular presto card However the 6.00 fee needs to be a refundable 6.00 fee. The compass card in Vancouver has a refundable 6.00 fee so if you don't need the compass card or if it breaks or if you loose it ,it's a refundable 6.00 fee and riders aren't left having to pay the 6.00 fee to get a replacement compass card. A refundable 6.00 fee would make presto cards more appealing. Here is the link for compass cards terms and conditions: https://www.compasscard.ca/TermsAndConditions

Otherwise the ttc and presto will loose me as a rider. Former ttc ceo Andy byford had absolutely no right forcing riders onto presto. The current ttc management and metrolinx management needs to realize that not all riders want presto and there are riders that want a monthly printed ttc metropass with the month and year printed on the pass itself that’s visible on the front of the card. Or for there to be a monthly printed ttc presto card with the month and year printed on the pass itself that’s visible on the front of the card.

joe_7782's avatar

Lots of ads and in station presented at the go station in aurora ontario to encourage usage of yrt instead of car and park at the station especially that there is a serious problem with parking, moreover the go shuttle between 404 car pool and station was canceled inorder to use the yrt

Hiwever the yrt service is not updated to the train schedule updates happened earlier this year? For example if i want to take the 840 train the only bus i can take is at 8:44 which make means i can only take the 940

So to get to work i lose 3 hours in comute!!!!

Kevin's avatar
Nov 12, 2018 - 14:02

What can be shared about Pearson Airport's "Union Station West" proposal? What would the benefits be? Is Metrolinx planning to re-route the Kitchener line through Pearson airport? Would the airport pay for this? What are the expected timelines for this proposal? Is the Metrolinx team optimistic about the likelihood of this actually happening?

alnbarthel's avatar

While I am greatly in favour of the expansion of regional (and provincial) rail service, I live downtown in a quiet and safe residential area immediately ajacent to the rail yard leading to Union Station on the east side. With the increase of train activity (including diesel) it is absolutely essential that we have a noise wall as MetroLinx and UPS have erected along the corridor from Union Station to Pearson.