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dunkalunk's avatar

There is latent demand not being met by the current 3 hour all-stops trips on Saturday and Sunday. Is there any chance of extending the operating hours of the Route 30 Train-Bus or running express trips to Square One?

Nick's avatar

What is the long term plan for facilities on the Kitchener corridor and how does Metrolinx plan to mitigate noise and other impacts to residents on the Kitchener corridor? Specifically, when will temporary facilities such as the layover between Park and King Streets be closed or upgraded to minimize the impact on adjacent residential properties? The siding was presented to the community as temporary in 2010 and Metrolinx has not provided an updated long term plan or any noise mitigation.

Hh's avatar

The bus routes, like the 71, have always ran express from Union Station to Unionville before making other Stouffville line stops and vice versa. Express train service should parallel this route, as it drastically cuts down commute times for many riders travelling north and can ease over-crowded trains during rush hour like the 16:48 and 17:20 Union Station trains.

As a regional transit provider, there should be more emphasis on providing timely service across different regions rather than within the city. Stopping at Danforth, Kennedy, Agincourt and Milliken (all in Toronto) adds at least 20-30 minutes that a bus like the 71 can easily avoid, which is ironic as it goes against the RER plan.

agover98_8323's avatar

By this I mean - Go from Kitchener is so stupidly slow as to be a waste of money for anyone not going directly to Union Station. Ive made the attempt to reach my office near Yonge and Eg multiple times and the time + cost makes it completely not viable. To put the time/cost into perspective - the train itself is 2 hours+ each way plus an additional 30 minutes for the subway assuming everything works out. So in order to work a full business day I would have to leave my house at 5:30am - to arrive at my office at 9am. Then the return leave the office at 5-5:30pm arrive home at approximately 8:40pm.

For what amounts to an 1:20hr trip by car without traffic this is ludicrous. Especially when taking into account the $40/day cost.

Forget all day trains - what needs to happen is the trip time needs to be significantly reduced - at worst it needs to drop to 1:30hr/each way or better yet down to 1hr/way. Adding more trains when the service itself has very limited value makes no sense.

What is being done to address this?

MSKW's avatar

As it stands there is no direct link between Downtown Kitchener and Downtown Guelph or Downtown Hamilton. These are glaring omissions in the GO bus network and severely reduce the ability to travel within the region. An easy route could see buses travelling from Downtown Kitchener along highway 7 through to Guelph. And Hamilton could easily be linked along the 401 to highway 6 or along highway 8 through Cambridge.

James's avatar

With a planned implementation date of 2024 for all-day GO trains between Kitchener and Union stations, will service be increased gradually to this date or should we expect service levels to remain the same until all the pieces fall into place for all-day service?

C's avatar

Currently a typical train trip takes over 2 hours to go about 100km between Kitchener and Toronto (To compare, trips on Via from Brantford to Toronto - essentially the same distance - take just over one hour). More trains are good, but the travel time is pathetic and seems to get worse every time an "improvement" is made on the line.

Sarah's avatar

GO is effectively charging passengers with a 50% higher fare by not fully integrating with the TTC, yet reducing service by driving 5km less.

By stopping at 407 station, you're forcing many York U passengers to make a transfer that wasn't even necessary before. This transfer not only has added monetary costs, but also stress from timing the two services. Once a subway train is delayed or a bus prematurely leaves, the passenger is left stranded for the next bus, which sometimes take upwards of 30 min - 1 hr of wait time at a station with no nearby amenities. Due to the unreliability of the subway and later departure times of buses, the total commute time is unchanged at best, or at worst, 10-20 minutes longer.

The least that can be done is to fully integrate fares. Passengers, many of them students, shouldn't be "taxed" for realignment of transit services, especially given how GO is reducing service by driving less and offloading all passengers to subway trains to finish the rest of the commute to the university.

dunkalunk's avatar

Now that a freight rail bypass along the 407 corridor is no longer being planned to route trains off the Kitchener Line through downtown Brampton, how feasible is frequent (hourly or better) two-way service on the Kitchener line if Metrolinx is still sharing track?

urszulaguroluk_8335's avatar
Feb 21, 2019 - 09:03

Right now it takes between 1 hr 50 min and 2 hr 10 min for the train ride between Kitchener and Toronto. What can be done to shorten this time? What are the plans to make this commute more bearable? Is a Kitchener/Guelph express possible? i.e. The train stops in Kitchener and Guelph, and then possibly Brampton or Bramalea and NO other stops? This could shorten the trip and make the commute easier and quicker for riders coming from/going to Kitchener. 2 hours is just too long.

David's avatar

Trains along the Kitchener line use their whistles within the Township of Guelph/Eramosa and Village of Rockwood, where many residents live in close proximity to the rail line. Residents suffer through train whistles day and night. The increased GO train service has effected freight train schedules and starting Nov 2018, began operating nightly between midnight and 5am, whistles blowing. What noise mitigation is proposed for residents living in close proximity to the rail line? Is the mental well being of your neighbours a priority for Metrolinx?

Tm's avatar
Feb 21, 2019 - 20:48

When will you be upgrading the line between Silver and Georgetown GO so the trains can travel faster than yard speed? Every little bit helps in cutting times from Kitchener to Union.

Kevin's avatar
Feb 25, 2019 - 15:52

Now that purchase of CN’s tracks has been abandoned, will Metrolinx now clearly state that it has abandoned its plan to electrify the Kitchener corridor between Bramalea and Kitchener?

Sheldon_Graham_8369's avatar
Feb 27, 2019 - 01:54

What can be done to reduce the trip time from Kitchener to Union Station? Currently the trip from Kitchener takes about two hours. What can be done to reduce this? Could we get this down to 90 minutes?

 's avatar

Riders to York are receiving less and poorer service at an effectively greater fare price by not fully integrating fares between GO & TTC. Due to the shift, GO buses are travelling 5km less, yet expect passengers to pay the same fare as if it was still terminating at York University. This results in total fares jumping by at least 50% for many riders.

It is not reasonable to penalize passengers for double fares when the service provided isn't better. With this shift, passengers now need to face the stress of transferring systems, and with the lack of reliability of the TTC subway system, the total commute time for many now has increased by minimum 10 minutes. Bus times have not minimized substantially, if at all.

What is your plan for full fare integration, and when will it be implemented? The simplest would be to just deduct the co-fare of $1.50 from your GO fare to account for the TTC transfer.

nathan.mapp_6353's avatar
Feb 28, 2019 - 11:49

On a regular bases, commuters on the line are faced with delays for the most part of the week, whether its due to equipment, traffic, signals. What is Metrolinx doing to stop these frustrating delays? On Thursday (Feb 28), there was a signal issue in the morning, a door issue, and then the express train was suddenly changed to an express. Issues like this deter people from recommending GO Transit.

Marijamm's avatar

There is limited to no space available during rush hour train service as of December 2017, and with continuous growth in the area, this means more people will be requiring said parking. What is the timeline and resolution for this problematic situation that Mount Pleasant Go commuters are facing on a daily basis?

NWS's avatar
Mar 1, 2019 - 16:15

Since as all day 2 way travel is a ways away. 18 months us what I read.Can we not atleast increase sevice every 15 mins during rush hour? Yesterday I missed my 537 from Bloor due to delays on the TTC and had to sit and wait until 610 for the next train. Thats a pretty long time to wait.

Doug's avatar

Milk runs are at the route of the overcrowding problem . Fewer stops and more direct service will reduce the number of people entering each train and a provide a faster and more comfortable commute for all.

The return of the 4:50 express and the new mini-Express are steps in the right direction. I would like to see an express to Mount Pleasant making all station stops to Kitchener.

Has this been considered given the recent population boom in Mount Pleasant and further west?

CNTM's avatar

Before presto, the persons who sold the go ticket to me told me that the ticket for lakeshore west and milton line are interchangeable. This is because they are the same price. Say if Milton line has issue and delayed, customer can use the same ticket to go to Port Credit instead going to Cooksville station. This was reasonable and fair. After Presto in place, I and other people in the same train were ticketed because we had tapped with default trip charge to the Lakeshore West Bronte station cost $9.02 and forgot to use the override to go to Cooksville for $6.18. So, we paid more for the ride and get a ticket. Metrolinx should not change this money grab rule. As long as customer paid at least the same equivalent fare, Go Transit should be satisfied. We were all so disappointed with the present unfair rule.

Alex's avatar

The January service changes to the Kitchener Line GO Trains caused public outrage due to the the loss of the 4:50pm express train and the resulting overcrowding on trains and on Union Station platforms, which led Metrolinx to reinstate parts the old schedule while maintaining the extra trip between Kitchener and Toronto. While the public may not ever know what happened behind the scenes that led to the unfortunate service change in January, I think the public would agree that public consultations on possible GO Transit service changes may help in the planning process, and help avoid a scenario similar to this in the future. What are your thoughts on providing public consultations on future GO Transit service changes?

KML2ME's avatar

Ontario Highway 401 between K-W and Pearson International Airport has seen a lot of construction over the years with no end in sight! Expanding the number of lanes, bridges being demolished and rebuild, continuous surface repairs that are never fast enough to provide a smooth drive for soo many people driving to work and back again everyday (typically not carpooling). Crashes happen, people get hurt, people get hospitalized, people die in various crashes every year. How many people have died yet in a crash on that section of the 401 this year? How many human lives lost on the 401 is too many? How do you put a price on human life? How much fuel, time, money and health (see: carbon-exhaust emissions) wasted due to the faults of the 401 (collectively and individual) year to year? How much cost and time and money and lives and such does it take from Ontario taxpayers for the to have the rail system they need to leave their cars at home and take a reliable public transit system? Transport Canada and the Government of Ontario can and should work together for the good of the people. Soo far they fail us regarding the 401 and GO Train services between K-W and Pearson International Airport. Metrolinx is failing K-W.

Doug Bennet's avatar

All-day, 15-minute, two-day GO Rail service to the suburbs and cities surrounding Toronto is predicated on electrification of major portions of the GO network. Much work has been done laying the groundwork. Has the new provincial government given any indication of its position towards electrification?

Suzanne 's avatar
Feb 21, 2019 - 12:07

One of the challenges of taking the GO Train from Kitchener is the short supply of nearby parking

lil.jacinto3_8340's avatar

The train takes 2 hours (on a good day, let’s be real) to get from Kitchener to Union. I know 30+ people that work in the GTA but choose to drive because the Go train options are limited and it takes forever. Door to door, my trip to Yonge/Bloor is 2.5 hours. That’s 5 hours a day! That’s outrageous. A train express to Acton and then Guelph and Kitchener would vastly increase your Tri-Cities riders and promote public transit use rather than driving (reduced traffic, reduced emissions, leaving the 401 artery clear for long hauls etc). The cost for me to get to and from work (including the TTC) is $34.44. Every day. The least you could do is provide a service that’s worth that money. Instead we’re left with limited options for travel and sometimes we get the privilege of sitting on that OVERCROWDED train for 4 hours. Also, there are frequently two train cars that are inoperable on my morning commute, leaving things even more crowded than usual. If you did in fact listen to your customers you would know where the need for express is and would implement it as such.

Steve Pomery's avatar
Feb 21, 2019 - 18:23

The site between Park and King was to be temporary, SHORT TERM. According to promises made in 2010.
When will the layover move to it's new location? Do you have a new location?
Will you upgrade the current site to mitigate nose? When?

Kevin's avatar
Feb 25, 2019 - 15:58

There have been inferences about and pictures of Kitchener line GO trains servicing a station at Pearson airport. Is that plan being actively pursued by Metrolinx? What is the current estimated timeline for the project?

ri.was_8370's avatar

Feb 27, 2019 - 10:19

Can you make adjustment to the fare for people who commute daily. We have been spending almost $ 500 every month. But the services are very poor. Kitchener line train is delayed almost once or twice a week.


go_8373's avatar
Feb 28, 2019 - 00:10

We have heard the announcements from the Minister of Transportation for the Breslau Go Station which has the Park & Ride Program. When is this going to occur as Kitchener does not have the parking like other Go Stations has and not easily accessible.?

jordynmerini_8375's avatar

For example, recent delays due to "waiting for passengers to board". I asked Metrolinx staff if it was due to an accessibility accommodation, or weather, and they simply said "large number of passengers are boarding at a time and to ensure safe boarding, we extend the length of time the coach doors remain open." Could you please elaborate further? In my experience these delays have been at Georgetown, Acton, and Guelph stations. It does not take even close to 10-15 minutes to load passengers, especially in those locations.

This is just one example of excuses and public relations tricks to cover up minor issues. We all see through it, save your time and energy for service improvements.

nathan.mapp_6353's avatar

In the afternoon, there is a 4:13pm (almost express) train to Kitchener, then a 4:35pm train that stops at Bramalea. A very large amount of commuters get off the train at Bramalea and wait for the 4:50Pm express train because most get off work at 4:00pm and get to Union around 4:30ish. Why was the decision made to have a 4:13 train service all stops after Bramalea and not the other way around? Furthermore, why was the ridership not consulted prior to making changes? It seems as though Metrolinx does not care about their customers.

mark's avatar

Hello there,

I was a 20 year TTC metropass customer. I have been forced to switch to the presto system. I've had issues with gates not working properly but that is nothing compared to what I'm dealing with today.

On Feb 25 I loaded the March pass. As of today, I was charged on Feb 25, (visa) and my pass is not loaded. I discovered this as I happened to check my account profile.

good thing for me I worked from home today? would have been a frustrating morning at Vaughan station.

Have spoken to presto 3 times today, this will take up to 5 business days to be resolved? Its been 5 business days since I paid and why am I the one who has to discover Presto's error? Why am i demanding escalation and not getting that?

at one point the person on the phone asked me to go back to Sherbourne station and give him the ID number on the machine i used!!!!!! Was that comic relief? How was I supposed to get there? obviously not using the subway. It's March 1, my March pass isn't loaded? Am i to believe you have no idea you dont know what machines are in which stations? What kind of operation is this?

Why am I having to double check their work?

Elizabeth.fox_6061's avatar

Mar 1, 2019 - 18:26

Land was purchased to add parking to this station to accommodate a university hub which was to be built in the GO Brampton Station parking lot. Now that Ford has cancelled funding, is there going to be a parking structure built on the purchased land. The houses there are all boarded up.

 's avatar

Doubling the tracks all the way to Kitchener is essential got two-way, all day go service by 2024 as promised by the government. What is the timetable for that work getting done?

Isaac Daleman's avatar
Feb 20, 2019 - 17:21

Due to demand being exponentially high from Brampton to Toronto on Route 31 especially, when will larger capacity buses be put on this line?

 's avatar

Miway is to me like limo service to others
Thank you

 's avatar

When will we be able to add a Presto card to our Android or IOS wallet so we can tap it using the Near Field Communication (NFC) feature on our smartphones?

kinger1331_5549's avatar
Feb 22, 2019 - 13:51

You have had a poor 2019 thus far with service on the Lakeshore East corridor. You keep having switch issues and it doesn't seem there is any end in sight to these delays.

The communication from you regarding these delays has been extremely poor and continues to get worse, considering the amount of money you've spent on hiring comms staff this should not be happening.

Are these switches getting replaced? Why are they breaking down every week? Why are your onboard CSA's not getting relevant information?

The time for 'sorry' and 'apologies' are over. What are you doing to mitigate these issues and how can we believe you?

Hilde A's avatar

Would love to have that service available!

rupeshacharya1112_8362's avatar

Feb 25, 2019 - 17:40

First of all thank you Metrolinx and Gotransit for great service.

My question to the Management is whether there is plan to have high speed transit between Union and Kitchener i.e. travel time between two stations can be brought under hour?

crs1026's avatar

What is the standard for how often GO cars are cleaned and vaccuumed? Why are paper towels not always available (sometimes just a hand dryer - one sometimes needs to do a bit of cleaning before using the washroom)

Kevin's avatar

Connecting with Lakeshore West line would vastly improve connection options 24/7.
Could provide better service for Waterloo Region especially Cambridge. Travel time would be about same from Cambridge Ainslie GRT station but could have stops along Hwy #8 and provide needed better service to Hamilton.

 's avatar

York University passengers are experiencing poorer service with effectively greater fare rates of up to 50%, as there is no full fare integration between GO & TTC.

Total commute times have lengthened by at least 10 minutes, as passengers now need to time the subway to buses. In many occasions, subway train delays and premature bus departures have made passengers miss their bus, forcing them to wait at a terminal that is situated in the middle of nowhere.

Either drive your buses back to York University or fully integrate fares - it is absurd to "tax" your passengers for a shift that they have not even requested, and is a regression of service that's used to be provided by GO Transit.

Stouffville's avatar

Stouffville line off-peak service was planned to go as far as Mount Joy, and a few months ago a controlled signal was installed there to make that possible. Yet two schedule changes later, the trains still start and end at Unionville, taking a comical 52 minute long break while passengers get to waste up to 25 minutes transferring to buses for the rest of their trip. What's the hold up here?

aki_8387's avatar

Can we add more number of express trains from union till mount pleasant or bramele atleast .

jwillisbarrie's avatar

Has a different colour been considered for child cards to make it easier for parents to know what card is which. Also for fare inspection ?

CNTM's avatar

I was ticketed because I tapped with default ride from Union to Bronte $9.02 and ran for the another train for cookeville $6.18. What I had paid was much more than the ride. There should not be a ticket to rider who paid equivalent or higher fare than the ride.

Rose's avatar

When there are many events downtown, especially in the summer, the Go Train area especially is unsafe with hoards of people cramming to make their train. I was caught in such a situation last August and was scared that I’d suffocate or get trampled on or pushed into the rails or all of the above. It’s the same thing with the subway, Surely Metrolinx must be aware of the events so why don’t they prepare for them by adding more frequent running trains and have officers there to control the crowds?

Poorvi's avatar

I take the Kitchener line from Malton GO station. I have been writing to GO transit on an average frequency of twice a week. There are many challenges we face daily related to the commute itself and also for Malton station facilities. The response is always generic, not addressing the issues related to journey on train to/from Malton or the station itself. I would like to seek attention on these matter.

Canada 1's avatar

Simple, which decade will we get all day GO to Hamilton, by train? Are there any plans to actually ever use the white elephant west harbour go station?

Kevin's avatar

Are their plans to implement battery bus technology using inductive charging stops? Both New Flyer and Proterra now have battery buses. Proterra even has extended range battery buses that could be used on Go Bus routes.

NWS's avatar
Feb 21, 2019 - 11:03

Isn't it a safety hazard to have passengers standing on stairs and doorways due to overcrowding? If so what will be done to alleviate this problem?

Suzanne 's avatar
Feb 21, 2019 - 11:56

One of the reasons I avoid the Go Train is the lack of nearby parking. If you expand routes will you expand parking?

 's avatar

Transportation Minister Jeff Yurek has promised an announcement about two-way, all-day GO train service between Kitchener and Toronto's Union Station in the next 18 months. This is nice to hear but what will happen about the parking? even as of today after 7:45 am there isn't any single parking available at mount pleasant go station. Same applies to Brampton go where the parking gets full after 7:13 am. My question is what is the point to have all day trains when people cant even get to park the car?

177linus_8363's avatar

There are lot of people who uses kitchner line want to have express trains increased during morning and evening commute so that we can have better commute times. Presently there is only one express in the morning hours which is insufficient for the volume of people. Please atleast have 5 morning and 5 evening trains for current volumes

crs1026's avatar

For two years now, your quarterly Capital Projects Reports to the ML Board have alluded to a substantial approved budget for Go Expansion. See Table 1, Cap Projects Group reports to Board dated Feb 17 2017 and Feb 7 2019. Is this "real money" (ie has it been released for your use) or is this just a notional budget? How much has been spent in the past two years and how much has been approved for spending in the next two years? What are the priority projects for the next two years on GO Expansion? Please convince me that this program has actual deliverables in the works versus being all talk and no results. Is any of this real?

Sporter's avatar
Mar 1, 2019 - 14:39

I heard an announcement that children under the age of 12 years will ride free on Metrolinx. It seems to me that a large number of the children that will riding free come from affluent families that can easily afford to pay the fare for their children. Would it not make more sense to adjust fares for everyone that is on a low, fixed income including seniors?

Sporter's avatar
Mar 1, 2019 - 14:58

Under 12 year olds from affluent families riding free does not seem quite fair. I think it would make more sense to make an exception for everyone that is on a low, fixed income including seniors. It would not have to be a free ride but certainly more affordable.

jwillisbarrie's avatar
Mar 1, 2019 - 19:27

Status of all day train service on Barrie line Allandale Waterfront to Union?

Kevin's avatar

There has been research showing that battery buses (three section articulated or double decker) with trolley assist using dedicated road lanes can move more people than an LRT system. This type of transit can be implemented much faster using existing road systems like the route in Hamilton along King and Main streets. Any comments?

Leo's avatar

Has Metrolinx ever studied adding more stations in Waterloo Region to facilitate east-west travel? This would change the Kitchener Line from being mainly a connection between Kitchener and Toronto, to a service that can bring people to Downtown Kitchener from New Hamburg and Guelph.

garrettduval_8334's avatar

I am very interested in the proposed high speed rail connecting the Innovation corridor and want this to be able to connect this area to the hub of Toronto with excellent efficiency.

 's avatar
Feb 21, 2019 - 18:06

The lay over area at Park and Agnes was supposed to be a temporary, SHORT TERM, situation until a permanent location was established elsewhere.
What is the timeline for that new location? Do you have a location chosen?

NWS's avatar
Feb 22, 2019 - 07:59

Does it make sense to have folks ticketed at your parking lots when there aren't enough spots? The Mount Pleasant lot is terribly packed, at times you have to park on the street or in a undesignated spot on the lot. It's not fair to pay to use your services and turn around and get a parking ticket when you have not planned for sufficient parking for your customers.

sfran209_8354's avatar

Feb 22, 2019 - 17:53

Live in Cambridge so I have to drive to Kitchener and there is no where for me to park. She be a stop in Cambridge

Thanks Sonia

charlie.munger100_8360's avatar
Feb 24, 2019 - 15:05

1 Can you start and end the Go Bus # 30 to University of Waterloo instead of Kitchener Go Station (Via Rail) the bus is barely used cause of poor marketing. Getting left off in the middle of nowhere and waiting for a half and hour without a bus shelter is inhumane, You take your chances standing around the Charles ternminal. Check out all the rent a cops patrolling the terminal. Doesn't appear to be a safe to me.
2. If you won't move the start of Go Bus #30 to UW....can you at least add a stop or move a stop to weber and Victoria so those jumping on the 25 can transfer to the morning trains or #30 @ Via Rail...some people can't afford taxis.

jan40nholdin_8364's avatar

I missed Guelph's City Hall meeting with Metrolinx not too long ago & was wondering if they were coming back so they could answer a few of my questions about the train service in Guelph on the weekends.
I would like to see them have a stop in Acton so I can go visit family. I do use a mobility device that it's easier to use the train with it than a bus.

Kevin's avatar
Feb 26, 2019 - 14:55

When will GO RER procurement start? When is vendor selection? When will the public see the vehicles and station designs?

FightGridlockinBrampton's avatar
Mar 1, 2019 - 13:29

It'd be really nice if all GO Transit buses on Route 31 that normally began or ended at Bramalea GO (most times, with the exception of very early mornings as well eastbound evenings after 8PM and westbound after 10PM) extended to Bramalea City Centre, for the additional connections available there. Can Metrolinx review this request? Can Metrolinx also publicly publish a brief study on it? Would something like this need to go through a full Business Case Analysis process or would it be consider as part of the normal bus planning work done by Metrolinx? Thank you!

Marijamm's avatar

By expand I mean, add more train times? Add more cars to trains that are busier? Expand its service to weekends or if not every weekend, on weekends where events are being held that would benefit the community that uses the Kitchener line. For example the Santa Claus Parade in downtown Brampton, or the large, one time events held at the International Center? If there is a plan for this when can it be expected to be implemented?

a_8326's avatar

Since the CN freight bypass has been cancelled, how will two-way all-day service work on the Kitchener line? There is not enough land in the province to build enough lanes on the 401 to reduce congestion because induced demand will fill those lanes, so how soon will direction and frequency improvements be made on the Kitchener line?

tpolichro_8332's avatar

Ridership on the stoufville corridor is increasing rapidly with most rush hour trains filled to standing room capacity. The 17:20 especially rivals those busy Kitchener trains that people complained about. When should we expect more service on this corridor during rush periods and what is preventing more service from being added in the next or following board period?

Kevin's avatar

Are their plans to implement battery bus technology using inductive charging stops? Both New Flyer and Proterra now have battery buses. Proterra even has extended range battery buses that could be used on Go Bus routes.

 's avatar
Feb 20, 2019 - 18:46

Are there any plans to expand the GO Train to London and have London included in all day two way service. I understand that this would include upgrading the existing track and laying a lot more new track

TRAINFAN's avatar

Why can’t all commuters use our presto card fare system in the GTHA and beyond use Via Rail trains when available; this would save people time and money

chrisjamesdrew's avatar

For future Town Hall RSVPs via the Engage website, can an option to add the event to a Google Calendar be added? Right now it's just (iCal) and other websites like EventBrite allow for events to be added to a Google Calendar very quickly. Also, Evenbrite gives people additional calendar options.

Screenshot of the Metrolinx example: https://photos.app.goo.gl/eQTAecZahfLv8Bds9
Screenshot of the EventBrite example: https://photos.app.goo.gl/UqEkVVvuZKfVEtiy7

Jim Young's avatar
Feb 20, 2019 - 16:27

Presto seems like an expensive and somewhat dated payment option.
Given the availability, flexibility and ease of "Tap" Credit and Debit cards why not accept that Presto is either a mistake or an outdated idea?

cwillmot_8328's avatar
Feb 20, 2019 - 16:17

The ION LRT line has been mired in delays, with each one being revealed to the public closer and closer to the anticipated launch. Most recently, a delay to "Spring 2019" from "December 2018" was communicated back in November 2018. Is it possible to get information presented more frequently, or do we have to wait until a month before the end of the "Spring 2019" window to find out there is another 6 month delay?