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Archaeological Resources

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Key Findings

The Study Area features several previously identified archaeological sites (12 in OLW, 9 in OLS, none in OLN). The Study Area also generally has high potential for recovering pre- and post-contact Indigenous and 19th Century Euro-Canadian archaeological resources, given proximity to water sources (e.g., Don River and Lake Ontario), soil texture and drainage, topography, and presence of early Euro-Canadian industries (e.g., William Davies Company and Joseph Simpson Knitting Mills), settlements and transportation routes (e.g., railways and early concession roads).


Stage 1 Archaeological Assessments were conducted to determine whether there are known or potential archaeological sites within the Study Area. A visual inspection was carried out, and the following historical and archaeological data were examined:

  • Recent and historical maps of the Study Area
  • Previous archaeological assessments within 50 metres of the Study Area
  • The Ministry of Heritage, Sport, Tourism and Culture Industries (MHSTCI) Archaeological Sites Database
  • Archaeological management plans or other archaeological potential mapping, where available

Preliminary Potential Impacts & Mitigation Measures for Further Study


Potential Impacts

  • Potential for disturbance of archaeological resources

Potential Mitigation Measures

  • If unexpected archaeological materials are encountered (or suspected), all work will stop. The site will be protected from impact until assessed by a licensed archaeologist as required


  • No impacts to archaeological resources are anticipated as a result of operations

Future Studies

  • Stage 2, 3 and/or 4 Archaeological Assessments will be completed for lands anticipated to be impacted as early as possible during detail design and prior to any ground disturbing activities, as required


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