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Annual Accessibility Public Consultation - Public Forum: Other Questions/Comments

What other questions or comments do you have about the accessibility of our services? Post your response in the forum below.

NOTE: Conduct inconsistent with our policies will result in the removal of your submission.

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visit Sick Kids many times per year with my daughter with vision loss. hard to navigate the terminals/buildings when there is no staff at the kiosks or in the area to ask questions and that is for me a sighted person. Daughter got on train and doors closed as I shoved my arm in the door so she wouldn't be on the train by herself. So many issues

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Riding the Go train with a child with vision loss during "rush hour" is hard when people are in a rush and literally push people out of the way. We have had many instances where we have been pushed, even on stairs. There needs to be a safe route for people/children with accessibility issues. Trying to find such areas is difficult even if they exist

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350 words does not allow one to fully post. This can be seen as a violation of both the AODA and OHRC. Please change this. Remember "Duty to Accommodate. Guess not METROLINX still does not understand either.

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Also: It was so nice having the Metro Cop's taser in my face on the Go Train when he asked me so nicely to move for a woman with a baby carriage, I have a disability. You need to educate.