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New Subway Projects

  • Metrolinx has assumed responsibility for planning and design of new subway projects.
  • New subway lines/extensions being planned include: Eglinton Crosstown West Extension, Ontario Line, Scarborough Subway Extension, and Yonge Subway Extension.
  • Station design will meet the Metrolinx Universal Design Standard and incorporate lessons learned from Light Rail Transit (LRT) projects.
  • New design standards are being developed, which will address station and vehicle accessibility features.
  • The following six Design Principles are overarching values that inform and guide the development of the Metrolinx Design Standards (including the Subways Design Standard) and integrate the physical, digital and human aspects of the end to end customer journey: Seamless, Intuitive, Inclusive, Safe, Reliable, and Thoughtful.
  • Subway stations will provide a positive and accessible customer experience that is integrated, convenient, usable and safe for customers accessing them using various modes and services such as specialized transit.
  • Station designs will be inherently accessible to people with diverse abilities, simple and intuitive to use, convey perceptible information, minimize hazards, and designed with appropriate size and space for use regardless of a user’s age, body size, posture or mobility to promote ease of movement for all.
  • Public input is vital to this project; more detailed plans are being developed, and will be shared with the public as they are available.
Submissions are closed.