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Improving the Customer Experience: PRESTO

New PRESTO devices are being rolled out that feature:

  • High contrast labels
  • Raised symbols
  • Raised indicators for where to tap
    • Circle for PRESTO cards
    • Rectangle for barcoded tickets
  • Braille labels (for devices that are off the vehicle)
  • Audio mode (for devices that are off the vehicle)
  • Activated by headphone plug-in
  • Volume button





Other features for the new PRESTO devices include:

  • They are easy to use when sitting or standing.
  • Audio tones for accepted/declined.
  • Bright, colourful displays that indicate:
    • The transit agency name or logo
    • Fare, balance and transfer validity
    • Reason for a declined fare payment, etc.

The PRESTO Mobile App (for iOS and Android) has received several recent updates including:

  • The iOS version offers the ability to immediately load or query a card via your phone’s built-in NFC feature, making it consistent with the Android version.
  • The Android version offers support for Google Pay.

Improvements to the Webchat support channel, available via the PRESTO website.

Here are some key policy improvements:

  • Immediate balance protection (previously there was a 24-hour wait).
  • Reducing the minimum load to $0.05 in person and on the app/website.

The new PRESTO E-Tickets App (for Android and iOS):

  • Is designed and tested with users for accessibility.
  • Is currently available for Hamilton Street Railway (HSR) and Durham Region Transit (DRT) customers with more agencies coming soon.
  • Allows you to buy and store your E-Tickets in the app and activate them right before you board.
  • Is ideal for occasional riders and visitors.
  • Allows for multiple tickets to be activated at once for a group.
Submissions are closed.