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Metrolinx’s analysis of transit station and stop naming conventions established these principles for determining new names:

1. Simple

  • Simple names are easier to remember

2. Logical

  • Logical names provide a mental link when trip planning: they should be relevant to the area they reside

3. Durable

  • Names should be relevant as long as the station exists

4. Self-Locating

  • Names should allow users to mentally locate themselves within the region

5. Unique

  • A unique name is one that cannot be confused with any other.

Eglinton West is an existing TTC subway station on the University Line. In order to avoid confusion with the TTC’s Eglinton Station, as well as Eglinton GO Station, Allen has been suggested as a possible new name. As this station is situated at the foot of the Allen Rd., the name Allen is both logical and self-locating.

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