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Please join us on September 23, 2021 at 6:30pm for a presentation and question-and-answer session about the Ontario Line transit project’s East segment (East Harbour, Leslieville/Riverside and Gerrard Stations). The panel will include experts from our project team. Live captioning will be provided.

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Submit questions & vote now! (East segment – September 23)



6:30PM: Meeting Begins/Opening Remark

6:35PM: Presentation: Ontario Line Project Update for East Harbour, Leslieville/Riverside and Gerrard Stations

7:00PM : Questions and Answers (pre-submitted questions)

7:30PM: Questions and Answers (call-in questions via Zoom)

7:55PM: Wrap up and Closing Remarks

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Anonymous's avatar
Sep 8, 2021 - 09:53

There is viable underground route proposed between Gerrard and Eastern - based on the approved (but cancelled) Relief Line. Why is there no comparison of cost, construction impact and health impacts? The Metrolinx above ground proposal has huge impacts on people living/working here - especially people in apartments above the proposed noise wall. The 2019 "business case" for Ontario Line does not include your proposed widening/rebuilding 6 bridges and raising the entire track bed by 1+ metre. It appears that the proposed alignment above ground is being driven by developers (No-frills, Carlaw Dundas, East Harbour) and NOT by an evaluation of impacts. Why no detailed study of underground?

Furry Rider's avatar

My greatest concern is with this segment; noise, visually distracting, and just plain wrong to ram this through these mature neighbourhoods - It should be buried along here

Anonymous's avatar

Sep 5, 2021 - 23:12

Running tracks beside the GO has led to many complaints, and also constrains potential future GO expansion, or inclusion of GO platforms.
Follow a route from downtown more similar to the Relief Line route. Have the station at Broadview roughly between the Relief and Ontario Line stations proposals. Then continue cut-and-cover along Eastern (or just south of it) right to Pape. Head north on Pape, cut-and-cover to Pape and then to Don Valley.
Linear cut-and-cover with precast tunnel segments takes a matter of months - a small disruption and a moving operation. The stations would be much shallower and likely take half the time of the deep bore stations (~12m deep versus 40m). The line could be quite shallow as it comes out the Don Valley, reducing the grade to cross the Don near Millwood.
Essentially, this satisfies the locals by making the line fully underground. It provides a more reliable fully underground transit line. It adds a Queen station farther into Leslieville. It has reduced grade changes and only one significant curve. It frees up GO corridor for a Gerrard Station.

Anonymous's avatar
Sep 11, 2021 - 23:53

When can the community expect to see some quantitative data about the Ontario Line?

- Indoor noise measurements to ensure the above ground option does not lead to inhospitable living conditions
- Vibration measurements where train frequency is expected to increase 10-fold
- Number of trees which may be cut down to accommodate the above ground OL and its impact on parks and greenspaces

It seems like Metrolinx is deliberately keeping the community in the dark because the impacts of this above ground option are too awful.

Anonymous's avatar
Sep 13, 2021 - 17:51

Why are you refusing to do a side by side cost comparison with your current above ground plan vs. our community Underground plan? The City has asked for it (Motion 31.12] and a provincial order question was logged at Queen's Park asking the same question.

Anonymous's avatar

You have said at previous consultations that tunnelling would cause as much disruption as the proposed above grade concept. Now that we know the bridges over Eastern, Queen and Gerrard have to be entirely rebuilt higher and wider, that the rail bed has to be raised in elevation, and that tall retaining walls must be built each side of the rail bed, how can this possibly be true?!!

Anonymous's avatar
Sep 11, 2021 - 18:22

Community members have raised serious concerns with the above ground Ontario Line:
- loss of greenspace and trees (just how many trees will you cut down??)
- elevated levels of noise and vibration in a residential area
- disruption of 24/7 traffic
- years of overnight construction to widen the live rail corridor
- a portal near school
- 8m tall noise wall permanently dividing our community in half (just how high will this noise wall be??)

Has Metrolinx considered public health risks associated with the above ground Ontario Line?

How on earth can this public transit agency justify a plan that prioritizes the interest of Cadillac Fairview over community health and safety?

Anonymous's avatar

Will the community center be turned into a transit hub and will expansion of the rail take away green space in the park?

Anonymous's avatar
Sep 3, 2021 - 23:51

how will GO track go in between Ontario line tracks from East Harbour to Leslieville

Anonymous's avatar
Sep 14, 2021 - 21:14

City of Toronto passed a motion asking Metrolinx to cost out the Steve Munro underground option. Why is Metrolinx deliberately ignoring the directive from City Council and wishes of host community?

Anonymous's avatar
Sep 5, 2021 - 00:57

With the East Harbour station being built will both the Ontario Line and the Go have Screen Protective doors on there platforms and how can one transfer from Go to Ontario Line at this station?

Anonymous's avatar
Sep 15, 2021 - 14:43


Anonymous's avatar

Sep 8, 2021 - 01:57

With the stations at Gerrard, Leslieville and East Harbour being along the GO Corridor, will there be public spaces built below?

Anonymous's avatar
Sep 4, 2021 - 00:56

Does expanding the corridor mean closing some intersections to do it

Anonymous's avatar

That are not cleaned on a job site make a horrific mess on the road and it's impossible to clean up.
Other advanced countries make trucks clean themselves on a job site so they don't track the mud onto the roads. This is a 10-year construction project we don't want the mess for that long.

Anonymous's avatar

We get so much dust from dirt coming from site construction can we eliminate this.

Anonymous's avatar

Contrary to Metrolinx' assertions, the tunnel option looks cheaper, less disruptive and better for all concerned, and yet Metrolinx has discarded it without even doing the normal course value engineering of potentially cost-saving alternatives (July 6 Metrolinx letter to Toronto Executive Committee). How does your owner let you get away with this?

Anonymous's avatar

We've been told (via a letter in the mail) that because we are 30 meters from Pape we require special permission from Metrolinx to do any outdoor repairs or changes to our house. In fact we are more than 30 meters from Pape however it appears that all of our street (Dingwall) has been designated in this way as being above the corridor for building. It says "we are not appropriating your house", which is great news!! Why are houses more than 30 meters away forced to get permission from Metrolinx for any repairs or reno's?

Anonymous's avatar

It’s interesting to me that it appears the train yard only takes out the mosque and Iqbal plaza behind it, but not the Tim Hortons or Pharmacy at the corner, nor the Costco. Considering the demographic of this neighborhood, how and why would this location be considered? What are you doing to help the community relocate these important services within the neighborhood? This is a neighborhood easily accessible for all resident needs by foot, it needs to remain as such.

Anonymous's avatar

Sep 3, 2021 - 16:09

at East Harbour, how many GO platforms will it take to connect the Stouffville line and the Lakeshore East line to the Ontario line

Anonymous's avatar
Sep 5, 2021 - 19:43

Disruptions during construction phase and ongoing noise from train traffic. Residents along the airport express line going to Pearson experience ongoing noise and shaking in their homes despite the noise minimizing walls. What will Ontario line residents recourse be if currently designed noise minimizers are not sufficient

Anonymous's avatar
Sep 6, 2021 - 23:24

Or have you purposely neglected to include the location to depress turnout?

Anonymous's avatar

Hold it. If the future Gerrard GO station on the Stouffville line cannot connect with Gerrard station on the future Ontario line, won't that confuse riders if they're both built?