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Virtual Open House - Davenport Diamond

We are doing our part to protect staff and the public during the COVID-19 virus.

Our team is continuing to support our residents, business and communities. During this time, our upcoming open houses have moved to a virtual format and you will be able to connect with us below.

Open houses are an opportunity to get project updates, to learn more about your specific interests and to ask general questions. As we temporarily shift to virtual open houses, find below a PDF presentation of this spring’s virtual open house material. You can also download the presentation PDF by clicking the yellow button.

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Past Events

One open house was held in Toronto on November 20th, 2019. 

Meeting materials can be downloaded below. If you require additional information or have follow-up questions, please contact us. 

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Anonymous's avatar
Mar 26, 2020 - 11:30

How many daytime trains will be running during the construction phases? I would like to know if services there will be more service during construction. I think more service is a great opportunity for the region. More service sooner the better!

Metrolinx's avatar

Mar 31, 2020 - 15:56

The current number of trains (maximum of 36) will be the same during construction. Currently, there is no plan to increase the number of trains until the project is complete and electrification is implemented.  

Anonymous's avatar

I see that the temporary schedule implemented a few weeks ago is already feeling the effects of the long single-track section from York U to Strachan, with trains in one direction being delayed despite the oncoming train being technically "on time".

What's the status of the dedicated Barrie line tracks south of Parkdale, originally planned as part of Georgetown South? If those are still a long way off, are there plans to add additional crossovers at Parkdale in the meantime?

cswc's avatar

Could you please provide (or tell me where I can find) the a diagram showing the height of the MSE Wall Structure & Elevated Structure along the corridor. Would like to know how high the tracks are at the beginning, middle and end of the MSE Wall Structure starting at Davenport and ending where it meets the Elevated Structure south of the new bridge over CP tracks.

Metrolinx's avatar

Apr 1, 2020 - 09:24

The MSE wall embankment height will range approximately from 2.5 metres at Bloor Street to 5.5 metres at Wallace (south portion), and approx. 7.5 metres at the CP Rail crossing to 0 metres at the north limit of the project (north portion) with 2m high noise panels on top of the embankment.  The elevated guideway Spans in between the north and south MSE Embankments as indicated in the attached diagram.

cswc's avatar

It is not clear from the materials provided in the open house PDF where the planned pedestrian walkways and bike lanes will be. Could you provide a diagram that shows this in detail.

Metrolinx's avatar

Apr 1, 2020 - 15:31

We can provide a conceptual site plan that shows the proposed location of a multi-use trail running parallel to the Grade Separation. At this point the services for the design consultant for the Davenport Public Realm project have not yet been procured so we do not have a detailed site plan available. The proposed multi-use trail will follow the path established with extensive input from the City of Toronto and community groups.

cswc's avatar

There is an important opportunity to increase connectivity of the Davenport Village Park pathway that starts at Davenport and runs along the MSE Wall Structure on the Davenport Village side of the tracks, over the CP tracks to provide access to Dupont. This would provide everyone using Earlscourt Park and all the Davenport Village residents with a more direct route to Dupont and give access to the new library being built as well as all the local shops in the Junction Triangle.

Is this being planned? And, if not, what's the process for the community submitting a request for this path to be built?

Metrolinx's avatar

Apr 1, 2020 - 15:43

The multi-use trail running south from Davenport crossing the CP rail corridor will move forward as part of the Davenport Diamond Public Realm project. As mentioned in the online presentation, the original design scope and intent of the Public Realm will be the building blocks for the project moving forward.

Anonymous's avatar

Some red areas on the supplied map (Lansdowne Yard) are not referenced in the Construction Stage / Access Point listing. On that note, there is no context whatsoever for residents living next to a Construction Stage / Access Point. Please clarify.

Metrolinx's avatar

Mar 31, 2020 - 15:42

The map of access points show all of the locations Graham will be using to access the rail corridor at various stages of the project. These points will be setup with access gates and be used as entrance/exits for all personnel, materials, and equipment onto the rail corridor. The areas marked as laydown areas (including the Lansdowne yard) will be used as laydown areas for site materials such as precast concrete girders, wall panels, and gravel as well as for storage and staging of equipment such as excavators, loaders, etc. Anything kept in the laydown areas will be transported on public roads from the yards onto the rail corridor using one of the access points. Residents and bussiness accesses will remain open at all time.

Anonymous's avatar

The bridge rendering at Dupont shows the aluminum cladding just on the side of the guideway but in the rendering at Wallace, the guideway isn't as thick and only has a side. If there are thicker sections, like the Dupont rendering suggests, will the aluminum wrap around it? It seems to defeat the purpose of cladding if it only covers one angle.

Metrolinx's avatar

Apr 3, 2020 - 12:20

The aluminum cladding will be applied to both sides of the elevated guideway. The only difference is that the Bridge at Dupont is a concrete girder structure and bridge at Wallace a is steel girder structure. The cladding does not wrap below the guideway and bridge structures because of a requirement for regular visual inspections of the bridge structure.

Sean's avatar

The neighbourhood and existing Junction Railpath receives a lot of graffiti. Please ensure that the structural pillars and other surfaces that are accessible to the public are treated with permanent anti-graffiti coatings that prevent graffiti from adhering to the surfaces.

The Open House PDF notes the following on page 19:
Vandalism Prevention – Several strategies will be used to
address vandalism including employing Crime Prevention
Through Design (CPTED) principles. Generally, the Guideway
cladding is difficult to reach where it is raised, and as a surface it
is easier to clean than concrete.
This appears to be regarding the Guideway cladding, and doesn't mention the structural pillars and possibly the MSE walls, which are accessible.

Metrolinx's avatar

Apr 3, 2020 - 12:27

Anti-graffiti coating will be applied to the exposed abutment, structural pillars and MSE walls surface areas to a minimum height of 2.5m above ground.