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Anonymous's avatar
Feb 6, 2020 - 14:17

How will the Oshawa GO train station layout look while constuction starts?
How will the station look after construction is done?
Will there be a tunnel that goes underground or over the train tracks to get to the northern train?
Will parking be effected during construction?

Anonymous's avatar
Feb 11, 2020 - 13:23

For more than a year there has been a carpool lot at ---- Hill Farms. It is never used and there are virtually no passengers using that stop. This change meant no GO bus connections to downtown Oshawa for express trains; basically one bus every hour. In light of the fact there is almost zero use of this new route diversion, would GO consider reinstating all the lost bus trips to downtown Oshawa?

Anonymous's avatar
Feb 6, 2020 - 06:10

I see that two locations that are already pinch points today, Rouge Hill and Georgetown, aren't shown as part of the New Track and Facilities TPAP. Without expansion at these points, the previously planned service levels (about twice as many trains per hour as today) don't seem achievable. Have plans for RER service been scaled back?

Anonymous's avatar
Feb 11, 2020 - 12:39

What assurances can you give to the disabled members of the Bowmanville community who cannot drive that we will be easily able to work somewhere such a Toronto in the next decade without having to take over an hour worth of buses to get from Bowmanville to the Oshawa Go station?

Even currently working in Whitby it takes me 1.5 hours in the morning to get to work by bus (DRT 502, GO 90, DRT 900). I avoid transit in the afternoon (bothering friends and family for rides) because GO cut the 90 to once an hour

Anonymous's avatar
Feb 11, 2020 - 09:41

Is it possible to make changes to the following in the meantime.

1) Make changes to the whitby go station to allow transit users to make a left turn toward the highway allowing better traffic flow.

2) Dig a tunnel to the second lot in oshawa on the west side allowing users to access that side without walking all the way to the opposite end of the train through the first lot.

Thank you

Anonymous's avatar
Feb 7, 2020 - 09:15

If the expansion is proposed from Oshawa to Bowmanville then why is the upcoming information meeting located in Whitby?

Anonymous's avatar
Feb 11, 2020 - 13:51

When are you going to address the ongoing lack of parking at the Oshawa Go station?
Taking away parking spots to make them reserved is certainly not the answer.
Sad when you have to park by 6 am just to get a spot.