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Virtual Open House - November 16-30, 2022: Barrie Double Track-Enabling Project​

Welcome to the Barrie Double Track-Enabling Project​ Virtual Open House. Question submission will remain open from November 16, 2022 to November 30, 2022. We invite you to the review the following information on the project and / or download the full project update presentation. You can post questions you have for the project team using the forum on this page; if a question that you have for the project team has already been submitted to the forum, upvote it to indicate that it is a high-priority question. In the coming weeks, answers from the project team will be posted in the forum.

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GO Expansion

GO Rail Expansion Will Enable:

graphic of three GO trains stacked vertically

3x more trips from 3500 weekly trips in 2019.

graphic of GO train

Electric trains accelerate and decelerate faster. Introduction of additional express services.

graphic of clocks

No need to check a schedule with service averaging every 15 minutes.

graphic of lanes of traffic

Doubling regional commuter capacity equivalent to nine highways the size of the 401.

graphic of lanes of sparse car traffic next to two lanes carrying trains/HOV

More trains = reduced congestion across the region, taking close to 145,000 car trips per day, off the road.

graphic of hard hat and briefcase

An estimated 8,300 annual jobs created for the first 12 years of delivery will be created over the lifecycle of the program.

graphic of coins

All operating costs covered with fare box revenue. GO Rail revenues will exceed 110% of operating costs over the next 60 years.

graphic of transit riders

More options and faster trains will increase peak and off-peak service. By 2055, annual ridership will exceed 200 million.

What are we Doing?

Metrolinx GO Expansion Program

Metrolinx is working to transform the way the region moves by building a seamless, convenient and integrated transit network across the Greater Golden Horseshoe. Over the next 10 years, Metrolinx is transforming the existing GO rail system to deliver a whole new rapid transit experience to your community. With more frequent train service you will have more options to get where you need to go.

Barrie GO Line Expansion

The Barrie GO Line Expansion will bring all-day, two-way GO service for people across Toronto, York Region and Simcoe County.

two-way service, all-day service, up to every 15 minutes

The Process

Graphic displaying the project process. The GO Expansion Program started in 2014 and improved rail service in both directions, on five of the seven GO rail corridors, including Barrie Corridor. Next, the Barrie Rail Corridor Expansion Transit Project Assessment Process started in 2015 and was in 2017. The Study identified specific and appropriate rail corridor infrastructure improvements needed to support an increased level of GO train service, including: Double Track, GO Station Upgrades, Existing Structure Upgrades, New Train Layover Facility. Three (3) Public Meetings were held to incorporate public feedback. Next, Barrie Double Track-Enabling Works started in 2020 and completion is planned for 2024. Last, Barrie Double Track Construction is planned for the future.

The Project

Barrie Double Track-Enabling Works (the Project)

The Project includes modifications and upgrades to the existing rail corridor, that will allow for a second set of  tracks to be installed in the future. The Project Area is within the City of Toronto, and is organized into seven  zones. Different zones will be constructed at different times, between 2020 and 2025.

Map displaying the project work zones, separate Metrolinx projects, and the existing railway. Zone 7 is west of Sheppard Bridge. Zone 6 is west of the 401. Zone 5 is west of Lawrence Avenue West, Zone 4 is west Calendonia Station, Zone 3 is west of St. Clair Avenue West, Zone 2 is west of Davenport Road, Zone 1 is west of King St. West. Zones 7-4 and zones 3-2 are separated by Caledonia Station, Zone 2 and Zone 1 are separated by Davenport Diamond.

Zone 2

Map displaying the work zone between St. Clair Avenue West and Davenport Road, including the location of a high security fence and a noise barrier wall.

Davenport to St. Clair work includes:

  • Clearing and Grubbing
  • Grading and Drainage
  • Noise Barrier Wall with Anti-Graffiti Coating
  • High Security Fence
  • Utility Relocation and Protection

Noise Wall Pattern in Zone 2

Noise Wall Pattern in Zone 2

Zone 7

Map displaying the work zone, including the location of a high security fence and chain link fence.

Sheppard to York University work includes:

  • Clearing and Grubbing
  • Grading and Drainage
  • High Security Fence and Chain Link Fence Installation
  • Storm Sewer and Culvert Installation
  • Utility Relocation and Protection

High Security Fence

High Security Fence

Construction Schedule

Graphic displaying the construction schedule for the project. Zone 1: 2020 - 2021, Zone 2: 2023 – 2024, Zone 3: 2021 - 2023, Zone 4: 2021 - 2022, Zone 5: 2020 - 2022, Zone 6: 2021 - 2022, Zone 7: 2022 – 2024. Zone 2 includes Davenport to St. Clair. Tentative construction schedule and activities include Summer 2023 to Summer 2024: Grading Works, Noise Barrier Walls, High Security Fence. Zone 7 Sheppard to York University. Tentative construction schedule and activities include Fall 2022 to Summer 2024: Grading Works, High Security Fence & Chain Link Fence.
Graphic displaying four images. The first is of a post installation, the second of a panel placement and the third and forth of noise barrier wall construction.

1. Post Installation

2. Panel Placement

3 & 4. Noise Barrier Wall Construction

  • Removal of existing vegetation (clearing and grubbing).
    • Some private trees will require trimming or removals. Removal trees will be compensated according to City of Toronto's by-law.
    • Residents will be advised of any removals a minimum of 2 weeks in advance. 
    • Metrolinx will contact directly any affected property owners where private tree removals are required.
  • Grading the ground and preparing to install retaining walls and other infrastructure.
  • Installation of noise barrier wall posts and panels.
Graphic displaying three images. One of train tracks, the second of tree removal, the third of a bulldozer.
  • Delivery and placement of gravel material in the rail corridor.
  • Relocation of utilities and upgrades to drainage infrastructure, including culvert and sewer works.
  • Installation of security fences.
  • Stabilization and restoration of the disturbed soils.
Graphic displaying two images of cranes.

Traffic Circulation:

  • All work will be done within the rail corridor, with designated access points for construction staff.
  • There should be minimal impacts to traffic.
Graphic displaying the access points in Zones 2 and 7.

Noise and Vibration

Expect perceivable noise and vibration that is typical of construction activities. Noise levels managed to be within regulatory requirements. Vibrations levels assessed to be below what could damage property. Mitigation measures include, but not limited, to minimizing drop heights, idle reduction, and use of temporary sound barriers.  


Mitigation measures will be applied for dust suppression include, but not limited to, limits on stockpile heights and the use of vacuum sweeper and water trucks. 

Erosion & Sediment

Controls in place to prevent erosion and sedimentation, such as silt fences and erosion control blankets.


Regular environmental inspections, which include monitoring the items above. 

Property Access

Metrolinx will notify property owners if any property access in required.

Construction Notice

We do our best to provide our neighbours with advance notice of construction work.

We will contact you in advance if we anticipate any impacts to transit users, pedestrians, traffic, residents or the public related to:

  • Lane closures
  • Removals on private property (trees, fences, sheds, etc.)
  • Night work
  • Track closures

Contact Information

Questions or comments? Contact:
[email protected] 416-202-6911
Contact information will also be posted at the construction site.

Email Distribution Updates

We always welcome new email addresses on our email distribution list to provide updates on project and construction activities. We encourage you to sign up!


You can post questions you have for the project team using the forum below. If a question that you have for the project team has already been submitted to the forum, upvote it to indicate that it is a high-priority question. In the coming weeks, answers from the project team will be posted in the forum. Question submission will close on November 30, 2022.

Please note that conduct inconsistent with our policies will result in removal.

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Anonymous's avatar
Nov 16, 2022 - 16:54

When is the target date for the completion of the electrification of this line?

Anonymous's avatar
Nov 16, 2022 - 12:06

Are there any plans for an over/underpass where the tracks cross Castlefield Ave just north of Eglinton?

Anonymous's avatar

Nov 16, 2022 - 14:30

What is the completion date for double tracking to Aurora?

Anonymous's avatar
Nov 16, 2022 - 18:06

What is the schedule to begin construction on Caledonia GO station and when is it expected to be completed / operational?

Anonymous's avatar
Nov 16, 2022 - 20:21

Traffic congestion will be a serious problem without an underpass. Would it be prudent to build an underpass at Ingram that extends to Caledonia to avoid severe disruption at Castlefield and improve traffic flow in this congested area?

Anonymous's avatar
Nov 16, 2022 - 16:56

What is the construction timeline for the pedestrian underpass under the Barrie line; that will connect St Helens Ave with Sterling Rd?

Anonymous's avatar
Nov 21, 2022 - 14:24

I own #1 & 3 Sheffield St. In the early stages of the 2 Nd track design that is right in the rear of our property, that there would be a sound barrier
wall for the train noise. I was in the zoom meeting when Metro links said that there would be sound a sound barrier wall built. I do not see it in your
area drawing. This was important to me as they stated there could be trains at 7 minit intervals. This was at the BIA information zoom meeting.
Where do we stand on the sound barrier Wall?
Thank You.