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Scarborough Subway Extension

Scarborough Subway Extension LIVE - March 30, 2021

Join the Scarborough Subway Extension team LIVE to have your questions answered.

Please join us on March 30, 2021 where our project team will present information and answer your questions about owning or living on land near the Scarborough Subway Extension project. The panel will include people from the Metrolinx property team, pre-construction services and the Scarborough Subway Extension project team.

Metrolinx will provide a brief presentation (6:30-6:45PM) followed by questions and answers with the public (6:45-7:30PM). Questions will be answered based on popularity (total votes). We encourage you to submit and vote on questions now. You may also submit questions during the meeting.



6:30: Meeting Begins/ Opening Remarks

6:35: Scarborough Subway Extension Project Update

6:40: Questions and Answers

7:25: Wrap up & Closing Remarks

Presentation Materials

Meet the Speakers

Photo of Carolyn Tunks

Carolyn Tunks

Manager, Pre-Construction Services

Photo of Michael Hodge

Michael Hodge

Program Sponsor, Scarborough Subway Extension Project

Photo of Renee Afoom-Boateng

Renee Afoom-Boateng

Senior Manager, Pre-Construction Services

Other Participants

  • Monika Stade, Senior Manager, Property Acquisition
  • Michael Kitagawa, VP, Legal Counsel

Format & Accessibility

Questions will be answered based on popularity (total votes). We aim to answer all questions.

Please review and note that conduct inconsistent with our policies will result in removal.

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